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Boston Library Hosts ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ For Children

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WEB Notes: This is degeneracy. We posted an article back in May from a New York Library who did this. Now Boston is in on it. Look at the photo. These are mentally disturbed people being put in places of influence of our small children. Children at this age are like sponges, they absorb everything. Why and how is this acceptable? Look, if I want to be a butterfly no matter how much I dress up like one I will never be a butterfly. Other butterflies will not accept me because they know I am not a butterfly. How many ways does it need to be explained to you?

Perhaps you recall New York’s Brooklyn Public Library recently began sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Hour for toddlers, which adults in the crowd exclaimed that it was “fantastic” and “great.”

Well, it looks like the Boston Public Library is doing the same thing.

Its Children’s Library was the locale for a Drag Queen Story Time on June 29, library spokesperson Rosemarie Lavery on Friday confirmed to TheBlaze.

Source: ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ hits Boston Children’s Library to end Pride month. Outrage, joy erupts. – TheBlaze

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  1. Indoctrination into the ways of sodomy. The dragon queens will have their parade day rained down upon them from heaven as did those in Sodom and Gomorrah. The wrath of the Lamb is coming.

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