WEB Notes: Who is surprised? We live in a very polluted world and then we wonder why we get sick. Did you know many of the public water sources contain a plethora of drugs from medications that have been flushed down the toilet and then recycled into drinking water? The truth about the products we are sold and what we consume would shock most people if they really did some research. Make sure to read the linked PDF document on this subject so you can gain more understanding of this issue.

Are common products inside our homes potentially the cause of serious health conditions? New research indicates that everyday chemicals are linked to chronic diseases in men.

A team of researchers from the University of Adelaide and the South Australian and Medical Research Institute carried out the research focusing on phthalates, which are common chemicals that most of us come into contact with daily.

Phthalates are often found in a variety of consumer goods including children’s toys, food packaging and medications. (This PDF from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences explains how to determine if products contain phthalates.)

Source: Household Chemicals Linked To Chronic Disease In Men, Study Finds


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