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Culling Of Wild Horses Allowed By U.S. Congressional Panel

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A congressional committee Tuesday night authorized the “humane euthanization” — some called it “extermination” — of what many acknowledge is a large and unsustainable population of wild horses and burros on public land in the West.

After debating the merits and flaws in plans to adopt or find ways to limit the population of an estimated 67,000 wild horses through contraceptive darting, the House Appropriations Committee voted to remove language from the Interior Department’s budget that would have prohibited “the destruction of healthy, unadopted wild horses and burros in the care of” the Bureau of Land Management or its contractors. It passed by voice vote.

Source: Culling of wild horses allowed by congressional panel

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  1. Why can’t they prevent births by sterilization of part of the population so they don’t breed, like they do with dog and cats.

    • or instead of killing off the horses natural predators, causing the horses to expand, maybe we should look into that activity. And perhaps we could make sure horses find homes on farms, or what are some other “natural” ways to do this?

  2. we do a lousy job of what the Father ordered in Genesis not only oppressing His children, but also his animals. May He return quickly–

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