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Religious leaders get high on magic mushrooms ingredient – for science

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WEB Notes: With what is being taught in mainstream Christianity I would say there are a whole lot more pastors on magic mushrooms. What so called man of God would go on a drug trip for a science experiment? People have seriously lost their minds and these men are supposed to be leading a flock to Christ? Remember the broad and narrow gates my friends. It should be obvious to you which one these boys are traveling down. The bigger fool is the one who follows the fool.

A Catholic priest, a Rabbi and a Buddhist walk into a bar and order some magic mushrooms. It may sound like the first line of a bad joke, but this scenario is playing out in one of the first scientific investigations into the effects of psychedelic drugs on religious experience – albeit in a laboratory rather than a bar.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have enlisted two dozen religious leaders from a wide range of denominations, to participate in a study in which they will be given two powerful doses of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms.

Dr William Richards, a psychologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland who is involved in the work, said: “With psilocybin these profound mystical experiences are quite common. It seemed like a no-brainer that they might be of interest, if not valuable, to clergy.”

Source: Religious leaders get high on magic mushrooms ingredient – for science | Science | The Guardian

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