WEB Notes: All these nations are “controlled” by the children of Satan. The important thing to understand is their control is not absolute as we have explained in The Timeline of the Tribulation. What you will read in this article and the nuclear peace agreement is most of the nations are going along with the treaty while some are not. Yet all these nations are controlled by Satan’s kids. The children of Satan control through manipulating world leaders, organizations and offices of power, the point being they do not have absolute control. This is yet another example why the existing world order needs to crumble due to the lack of agreements of this magnitude and why we will see the rise of a truly new world order with Ten Clay kings leading the way. This article goes right in line from the one we posted two days ago titled, “‘Historic Peace Treaty’ Is Reached At The United Nations To Ban Nuclear Arms“.

World leaders struck a compromise on Saturday to move forward collectively on climate change without the United States, declaring the Paris accord “irreversible” while acknowledging President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement.

In a final communiqué at the conclusion of the Group of 20 summit meeting in Hamburg, Germany, the nations took “note” of Mr. Trump’s decision to abandon the pact and “immediately cease” efforts to enact former President Barack Obama’s pledge of curbing greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

But the other 19 members of the group broke explicitly with Mr. Trump in their embrace of the international deal, signing off on a detailed policy blueprint outlining how their countries could meet their goals in the pact.

Source: World Leaders Move Forward on Climate Change, Without U.S. – The New York Times


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