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Date: August 4, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: Jeremiah 33:2-3

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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YouTube Will Censor Non-Rulebreaking Content, Manipulate Search Results, And Work With ADL

WEB Notes: So someone can rally a bunch of turkeys to flag someone’s video as hate speech, etc and YouTube will censor the content. Sounds fair to me. Why would anyone be surprised at this point? If the world keeps going like this for another ten years there will be no truth left.

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‘Bible Verse Won’t Be Removed’, US Mayor Tells Atheists

WEB Notes: And that is how you get it done. Stand for God and stand tall while doing it.

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A Solar Eclipse Is Coming To America. Here’s What You’ll See Where You Live.

WEB Notes: The site has some nice graphics that display how the eclipse will be seen across the nation.

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Israel Police Tells Court: Netanyahu Suspected Of Bribery And Fraud

WEB Notes: Just days ago we posted an article titled, “Bibi Ignited Temple Mount Tensions To Divert Attention From Probes: Ex-Israeli PM“. Back in April it was, “Israeli Police Recommend Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wife Is Indicted On Fraud Charges“. It would appear ol Bibi has trouble coming his way.

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Turkey Replaces Army, Air Force And Navy Leaders

The Supreme Military Council (YAS) on Wednesday decided to replace the heads of its three main armed services with other top members of the military, according to Turkish television channels.

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July Jobs Report: 4 Things To Know

WEB Notes: The unemployment rate is now 4.3% they say. Sure, sure it is. Tell that to nearly 100 million working age Americans who have no job.

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Even Republicans Don’t Like Congress Anymore As Approval Rating Sinks To 10%

It’s no secret that Congress isn’t exactly the most popular institution in American government. But now it’s reaching new lows.

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Ceasefire Near Syrian City of Homs Leads to New Safe Zone

The Syrian government and a group of self-described “moderate” rebels have agreed to a ceasefire in the area just north of the key city of Homs, allowing for the implementation of the third of four planned safe zones meant to keep combatants separated.

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Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3 Has A Secret Camera Installed

WEB Notes: Never fear, the camera will not become active until future software updates are released. Is that supposed to make people forget the whole thing? They claim this camera is needed for future autonomous driving. There are camera’s in everything else these days, what is one more on the list.

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NFL Star Derek Carr Reveals Risk He Took in Front of Entire Church After Feeling Holy Spirit Move Him

In a video for Play4Him that was first released last year, but is once again making headlines, Carr said that the stunning moment came after he and his brother spoke at a church. It was during a subsequent altar call that Carr said he felt God sending him a message about at least one person who was in attendance at that event, The Christian Post reported.

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NJ Gun Buyback Effort Nets 4,775 Weapons

WEB Notes: They held it at a church no less. How fitting for today’s version of Christianity. These people sold their arms for a measly $200? I might have to setup one of these “buybacks” and I am sure another church would be more than happy to host it. A guy could come away with quite a collection for just a couple grand. Who wants to join me?

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