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Date: August 10, 2017

6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Luzon, Philippines

Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons

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Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 46:1

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Trump Has Authority from God to Wage War on North Korea Claims His Religious Adviser

Laying Hands on Trump

WEB Notes: This fires me up as I do not like seeing the people lied too. Seeing the people told God said this or that when He did not say it. The religious mega preachers are at it again showing their mega stupidity. God never condoned any war with North Korea. This mega preacher is talking out of the side of his neck. Of course this super-mega preacher is one of those who laid hands on Trump. I wonder if any of these guys are babblers… You do know what a babbler is… Mainstream Christianity is promoting war and trying to say God said it is okay. Sometimes war is needed, but this is certainly not one of those times. What is going on between the US and North Korea is rhetoric, it has been going on for years and years, but Satan’s children might be ready to take down North Korea. This is about global government people, implementing it and bringing the world closer together…

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US Warns North Korea Against Action ‘That Will Lead To The End Of Regime And Destruction Of Its People’

WEB Notes: The rhetoric is really flying now folks! The US is threatening to blow up the citizens of North Korea over a would be dictator. A dictator over a nation that is among the world’s poorest. A nation that is so backwards they think missiles fly with a bent nose cone. Yes, but now North Korea has mini nukes folks. Don’t look now the asian guy next to you could actually be a North Korean spy oh yes and that briefcase he has is not a briefcase at all. It is a mini nuke! The fear, the dread, the horror of it all!…

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You Will Get Chipped… Eventually

WEB Notes: If this world carries on long enough I have no doubts about this. I was reading something yesterday and it was talking about how people quickly gave up some security for added convenience. People will do anything to save a couple extra seconds. So in the future when you can walk in and out of a store without seeing a checker, when you can login and logoff your favorite sites without thinking about it and other things we cannot even imagine at this point… Most of the world will do it and NO NO NO this is not the Mark of the Beast.

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LGBT Advocates Praise Disney Preschool Cartoon for Featuring Lesbian Moms

WEB Notes: How many cartoons actually talk about God/Christ? I have seen some, but it is usually in a disrespectful fashion. That is the motto these days. That really tells you what is right and wrong. 2 Timothy 3 and Isaiah 5:20 tell us about this. What we have here is the promotion of perversion. Let’s make it look good for the kids they say. You are teaching the children lies and perversion plain and simple. If you want to lead a perverted lifestyle that is your business, I really do not care. But do not go teaching the kids about it and telling them it is nature and okay, it is not.

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UK: Children as Young as Five Expelled from School for ‘Sexual Misconduct’

WEB Notes: Of course the schools are teaching our children about modern day’s sex-ed in preschool. Let the children be children, but where are the parents? If you know the school is going to teach your children at such a young age about sexual content why do you allow it? Have you too been brainwashed into believing it is okay? Kids should be playing on swing sets and getting dirty, not government indoctrination on sex at such a young age. With today’s iGadgets I hear more and more about families being in their own room either watching TV or droning out to some iDevice. Then there are some families who do that, but all in the same room. What happened to moderation people? How many families actually sit at the dinner table and eat together these days? Probably not many, but I certainly would encourage you to do so.

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Transgender Service Members Sue Trump Over Military Ban

WEB Notes: For some perspective here is the article where Trump banned transgenders from the military. You know we have a dictatorship these days. Our whole country has turned into a circus at this point.

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Haiti’s Senate Passes Bill Banning Same-Sex Marriage

WEB Notes: As heathen as Haiti is, even these guys know homosexuality is bad practice.

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Coincidence? Military Industrial Complex Hit Highest Stock Prices Ever as Govt Hypes N. Korea War

During Eclipse, ‘Your Eye Can Scorch’

WEB Notes: Our readers already know these things, but maybe you know someone who does not.

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Despite Historically Low Interest Rates, Consumers Are Paying an Average of 14 Percent on Credit Card Debt

WEB Notes: No cash in your pocket? Then you do not need the product. 14% interest? It becomes extremely difficult to crawl out of that kind of debt. Many people are buying iGadgets with their credit cards for example and then paying interest. Look, you bought it with a credit card because you did not have enough money. Not instead of buying one iGadget, you will end up doling out enough cash for two, maybe three, but you still only have one. That is what interest will do for you and God said do not borrow money. Stop being like the world, God said be in the world, but do not be a part of it (Romans 12:2).

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