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Date: August 15, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 14:8

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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This Video Makes Me Sick: Confederate Statue Destroyed In North Carolina During Protest

Confederate Statue Toppled In Durham, NC

Confederate Statue Toppled In Durham, NC | Credit: Daily Wire

WEB Notes:  What you will see in this video is the product of our nations education system. The product of our Father being removed from the nation by the people and a complete lack of respect for property. These are not the acts of red blooded Americans, but red blooded fools. Always steer clear of fools, much less a crowd full of them…

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ESPN’s Kornheiser: Why Play the National Anthem at Sporting Events?

WEB Notes: Who cares, this is just some sports announcer right? Wrong. From every angle for the last couple of years we are bombarded with this anti-American rhetoric. From football players sitting out to our national heritage being ripped out from under us. These are not accidents or coincidences. These are all planned and coordinated by the children of Satan who use their useful idiots to fulfill their said agenda’s. Tough to swallow? It should not be if you are wise enough to know about Satan’s kids. They place their own in places of influence, TV is a great example… Think about it…

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Mossad: Iran And Its Proxies Filling Void Left By Defeated ISIS

WEB Notes: A perfect narrative fabricated by the children of Satan. Finish off the lie called ISIS which is a creation of the United States and morph that into Iran. Why is Iran so important? Read Chapter 2 of The Timeline of the Tribulation.

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Iran Could Quit Nuclear Deal In ‘Hours’ If New U.S. Sanctions Imposed

WEB Notes: Maybe the US will get another sucker after all. Iran is the crown jewel at this point for the globalists.

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North Korea Says It Won’t Fire Missiles At Guam, After All

WEB Notes: Of course they are not, they do not have the capability and they are not complete fools. I am sure the folks in the White House are a bit bummed, they almost had another sucker.

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US Government Demands 1.3M IP Addresses Related To Trump Resistance Site

WEB Notes: Obama did something like this as well, remember the dreaded government lists? Well now Trump is trying to create his own. Surprise, surprise.

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The Boom Is Booming and Home Depot Is Setting Records

WEB Notes: Since 51% of Americans make less than 30k a year, I assume those of this bunch are not using their income to play re-model. I would caution anyone refinancing their home to remodel. If/when the market turns you will have more debt on top of your head. You can also check before you update your home to see how much each of those upgrades will actually net in re-sale value.

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Under Armour, Intel CEOs Quit Trump’s Job Council Over Charlottesville Rally Response

WEB Notes: If you were not engaged in politics buddy you would have never been on the council to begin with. But there was something in it for these guys, now whatever it was is gone. So what to do? Jump ship of course…

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The Military Is Not Defying Trump On Transgender Ban. It Doesn’t Exist

WEB Notes: I would laugh if this were not so sad. Today, America including their “great thinkers” believe a tweet from the President is the Law of the Land…

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Animal Control Officers To Go Door-Door To Make Sure Dog Owners Have Paid Their License Fees

WEB Notes: They are going door to door to make sure you paid your dog license fees, but hey open the flood gates and let the illegal immigrants come on in, for free no less.

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Humans Have Created 9 Billion Tons Of Plastic In 67 Years


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