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Date: August 18, 2017

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Fiji region

Bible Verse of the Day: Philippians 1:21

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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CNN: Statues Of Washington, Jefferson, And Robert E. Lee ‘All Need To Come Down’

George Washington Statue On Horse

George Washington Statue – WikiCommons

WEB Notes: Everyone has a script and a part in what is going on. The brainwashing has kicked into overdrive. The crybabies and those causing the division are the ones talking about racism and removing our historical icons. Did these clowns seriously forget we just had a black President for 8 years? Did they forget how over 50-60% of whites voted for Obama?…

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It’s Time To Blow Up Mount Rushmore

WEB Notes: Squirt the fuel mainstream media, keep squirting that fuel!

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ISIS Barcelona Attack Killed 13 And Injured Over 100

WEB Notes: In a separate “attack” a house blew up over 100 miles from this location. At this moment I cannot find any good video footage of this vehicle assault. I do see a vehicle towed away with a tarp over it and I always have to question the point of that. Is something being hidden from the public?…

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Brzezinski: We’re at a ‘Low Point’ American History, Possibly as Bad as Civil War or Great Depression

WEB Notes: Like we said yesterday, “they” control both sides of the argument. That is how you heat up the debate and fuel the fire. It works perfect and the people fall for it every time. To compare what has happened to the Civil War or Great Depression is foolishness…

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Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want Confederate Statues Torn Down

WEB Notes: Of course they don’t. Most Americans want to value the history of the nation. I am ashamed of the other 38% who did want to tear them down. Keep the propaganda going in the news. Keep telling us lies about them all being horrible men and watch these poll numbers flip. Do not be a sheep. Use the mind your Heavenly Father gave you to think for yourself.

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Missouri State Senator Posts on Facebook Her Hopes for Trump Assassination, Deletes, Apologizes: ‘I’m Not Resigning’

WEB Notes: This is a fool. Yes, there have been many of them making public appearances lately. Call it for what it is. This woman disgraced herself and the office she holds. Why on earth would you wish for someone to be murdered?

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Trump: ‘Country Being Ripped Apart’ By Monument Removals

WEB Notes: We have a lot of play acting going on in our world at every level, yes even the White House. Trump’s words are lip service. Look, as many illegal Executive Orders as he has signed, why is he not signing one concerning the Confederate Monuments?…

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U.S. Forces To Stay In Syria For Decades, Say Militia Allies

WEB Notes: Read that third paragraph and let it sink in real well. This is about globalism and that is what he is talking about. Once Assad is removed, Syria will come into the globalist fold. It is Biblical and it is happening before your eyes.

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Oregon Governor Signs Gun Confiscation Bill Into Law

WEB Notes: While the Confederate Monument saga steams forward, Oregon signed more fascist laws.

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