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Date: August 21, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 42:8

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Barclays Puts In Sensors To See Which Bankers Are At Their Desks

Security Retina Scan

WEB Notes: I love this, “The sensors aren’t monitoring people or their productivity; they are assessing office space usage.” Come on people, we are all grown ups here. Call it what it is…

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Why Your Face Will Soon Be the Key to All Your Devices

WEB Notes: The technology age continues to rage forward. As I have said many times, some of this tech goes just a bit too far. Though mark this day down in just a couple years if this technology becomes available many people will use it, even those who reject it today, why? It becomes the norm and becomes socially acceptable. I am not saying it is bad, but do you really need a face scan to sign in to your favorite website, etc?..

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Bannon: ‘The Trump Presidency That We Fought For, and Won, Is Over.’

With the departure from the White House of strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who helped shape the so-called nationalist-populist program embraced by Donald Trump in his unlikely path to election, a new phase of the Trump presidency begins. Given Trump’s nature, what comes next will hardly be conventional, but it may well be less willfully disruptive—which, to Bannon, had been the point of winning the White House.

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In January, President Trump Vowed To Hire 5,000 New Border Patrol Agents. It Never Happened

WEB Notes: Woah, come on now you cannot remind the people of that stuff. They already forgot those promises. During the first seven months I really cannot tell you anything the guy has done. I am sure we could find something if we dig hard enough, but Trump made a lot of promises and he has just over three years left in office. But so far, this thing looks like a nightmare. People are being booted off the ship left and right and where are the immigration policies? Where are the lower taxes and true health care policies. Ahh those were just fancy election words to get you to vote for the guy…

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The White House is Now Run Entirely by Hucksters, Democrats, and Generals

WEB Notes: I have lost count how many people have been removed from this administration, but one thing remains constant. Those Goldman Sachs boys. Slightly telling.

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Monsanto Attempts Takedown Of Agency Linking Its Weedkiller To Cancer

WEB Notes: This whole thing is a mess. There have been numerous studies over the years that show their products are harmful. They can fight it all they want, but that does not change the facts.

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Controversy Over Fake Meat Burger Heats Up

WEB Notes: Since a mushroom is a fungus it is probably not the cleanest thing to be eating anyway.

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31 Pictures That Prove Yemen Has Turned Into Hell on Earth

WEB Notes: Plenty of very graphic photos at the source. Be warned. Maybe someone can explain how blowing up a nation is protecting our freedom over here. Does anyone really fall for that garbage anymore? No, the people just do not care and very few even know what is transpiring anymore. Very sad times, very sad.

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No Role For West & Allies In Syria Until They Cut Support To Terrorists – Assad 

WEB Notes: Regardless if the West stopped supporting terrorists or not, why on earth would you work with them? They have nearly brought your nation to the grave. Assad still has not quite figured it all out.

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10 US Navy Sailors Missing After Destroyer Collides With Merchant Ship

WEB Notes: We just had one of these crashes in the last month or two. Are our boys so fatigued they cannot properly navigate our ships anymore?

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5 Amazing Facts You Must Know About The Total Solar Eclipse On Aug 21st

WEB Notes: Visit the source for the full list. From information I have found the eclipse will take place at 10:17AM PST, 1:17PM EST. Enjoy the show.

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