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Date: August 22, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 8:32

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Trump On Afghanistan: ‘We Are Not Nation Building Again; We Are Killing Terrorists’

Donald Trump Pointing

WEB Notes: You know I am really glad Trump cleared this up for me when he said, ‘We Are Not Nation Building Again; We Are Killing Terrorists‘. You know there for 15 years I thought we were nation building. I mean we have been killing terrorists for years and years and they just keep coming back. They are like those worms you can cut in half. “Kill” one and then you have two. What else can the US do, but send more and more of our men and woman off to die and kill more people in other nations? Are you disgusted yet? You should be. You have been had by a con man

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Trump to Pakistan: ‘No Partnership Can Survive a Country’s Harboring of Militants and Terrorists Who Target US’

WEB Notes: We had a post back in June about the US sending 4,000 more troops to fight the Taliban who took over Osama Bin Laden’s former caves. The caves of doom! Doom! Let us not forget the US has supported the Taliban in the past including Mr. Osama. I wonder why Trump failed to bring that up?..

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Scientists Remotely Hacked A Brain, Controlling Body Movements

WEB Notes: As technology rapidly advances we will continue to see more and more things along these lines. Maybe this could be used on disabled people in the future. What wickedness will it be used for? One can only imagine.

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US Embassy To Suspend Issuing Non-Immigrant Visas In Russia Starting From Aug 23

The US Embassy in Moscow is suspending nonimmigrant visa processing throughout Russia starting Wednesday because of Moscow’s requirement to reduce its diplomatic staff to 455 people by September 1, the embassy said Monday.

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U.S. Vandals Destroy Monuments Because They Hate America

WEB Notes: The source has several images of statues and monuments that have been destroyed or defaced.

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