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Date: August 26, 2017

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Admiralty Islands region, Papua New Guinea

Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 12:4-5

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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California Catholic School Removes Jesus Statue To Be More ‘Inclusive’

Church In Darkness

WEB Notes: Day in and day out we continue to see the headlines escalate. Christianity is removed from our sight and sin is embraced. Just the other day a “Satanist” was allowed to slam Christianity for racism and violence in a mainstream media news piece no less. Of course a Christian would never be given that platform to make the opposite claim and if they did it would be called “hate speech“. I find it very sad how people cannot use just a little common sense to see these things for what they are…

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Navy Navigation Errors May Have Killed More Troops Than Afghanistan So Far in 2017

A heartsick surface Navy is vowing to find answers after a series of incidents that could make the peacetime Western Pacific deadlier for U.S. troops this year than Afghanistan.

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More Seniors Are Taking Loans Against Their Homes — And It’s Costing Them

WEB Notes: This is very sad, when you are in your golden years this is something you should not have to worry about. Unfortunate circumstances in life can certainly help to bring this about. While we do not know all of the ins and outs here learn a lesson…

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U.S. Military: North Korean Missiles ‘Failed In Flight’, One Blew Up ‘Almost Immediately’

WEB Notes: These guys are backwards, plain and simple. They have no nuclear missile, they have no delivery system and what they do have blows up far too often. Anyone calling North Korea a threat has a screw loose and is more concerned about globalism than anything else.

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Controversial Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pardoned By President Trump

WEB Notes: No question about it, this was the right thing to do.

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Trump Signs Memo To Reinstate Ban On Transgenders In U.S. Military

WEB Notes: He signed a “memo” and of course had to fire out a Tweet to make this announcement. Just last year Trump also sent a Tweet saying, “Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.”…

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Trump Slaps Tough Sanctions On Venezuela

WEB Notes: Have you ever seen anything like it? Of course you have this has been going on for years and years, it just escalates over time. We might have to name Trump ‘the Executive Order In Chief’ before this is all said and done. Another meaningless and illegal Executive Order is signed and against another nation who fails to fall inline with globalism.

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The Perfect Robbery, The Cashless Society

WEB Notes: This has been building for years. Recently Visa launched a “cashless challenge” as they called it. Like it or not this is definitely the future. You can even pay for purchases with your cell phone these days…

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