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Date: August 29, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Galatians 3:28

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Ted Talks: Beware Online “Filter Bubbles”

Bubbles Fall Leaves

When our thought is contained within a bubble we cannot see the world around us.

WEB Notes: This is a very important Ted Talks that I would like you to watch. It discusses how the content we consume each and everyday is being tailored to our preferred interests without our consent or knowledge it is occurring.

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Reporter Asks Man Who Lost EVERYTHING in Harvey Why He’s Still Grateful — Gets the Perfect Answer

WEB Notes: You see the demeanor of this man? You see that pep in his step? When you are with our Father you always have that comfort, even through a storm. God can protect us from anything, you just have to have the faith that He will get us through it and see that we end up on the right path afterward. But it takes the faith and trust that this man has. I love seeing Christians like this, good job Jeremiah, way to make an example for the rest of us.

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Trump Says ‘All Options Are On The Table For North Korea’

WEB Notes: Here we go again.

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North Korea’s “Reckless” Missile Launch Over Japan

WEB Notes: In the age of smartphones why cannot I seem to find any video footage of this? Where is the coverage of the missile flying over Japan? I am not saying it did not happen, I would have no way to make such a claim. I simply would like to see some footage of the event.

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Speak No Evil: Witchcraft’s Popularity On The Rise In Hudson Valley

WEB Notes: You are either on God’s side or Satan’s side. Remember that with every decision in life. We continue to see paganism embraced and Christianity kicked to the curb. The mainstream media is actually trying to paint witchcraft in a positive light. Go do some reading about witches and magic and you answer me this question…

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Haslam Urges Commission To Take Up Memphis Waiver Over Forrest Statue

WEB Notes: If we are going to start taking down statues then pull every single one down in this nation. Everyone. Yes, even the Communist ones of Lenin that we recently discussed…

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US Sanctions Against Venezuela Destabilizing & ‘Imbued With Cynicism’ – Russian Foreign Ministry

WEB Notes: This Russian must be a rocket scientist. I mean he is able to figure out that adding sanctions to Venezuela at a time like this, when they are already hurting will further destabilize them. No! Really? Who would have guessed that. This guy should receive some metal of honor for his wisdom…

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Californians Injure Eyeballs By Putting Sunscreen On Them To Stare At Solar Eclipse

WEB Notes: Do not judge all Californians by these “bright” individuals. This goes to show you how some people really need to have their hand held in life. Do not be one of these people.

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Steve Bannon to Speak at Zionist Organization of America Dinner: ‘No Better Friend’ to ‘the Jewish State of Israel’

WEB Notes: Zionism is an ideology. Why should the US fund an ideology contrary to ours with $4 billion dollars a year? What do we as tax payers get out of the deal? More taxes is what we get. The foreign policy of the US is horrible and it has been horrible for a long time. Remember, Israel was started by the good and bag figs (Jeremiah 24)

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Harvey’s Death Toll Climbs To 7 In Texas Amid ‘Epic And Catastrophic’ Flooding

WEB Notes: Several photos at the source.

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