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Brzezinski: We’re at a ‘Low Point’ American History, Possibly as Bad as Civil War or Great Depression

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WEB Notes: Like we said yesterday, “they” control both sides of the argument. That is how you heat up the debate and fuel the fire. It works perfect and the people fall for it every time. To compare what has happened to the Civil War or Great Depression is foolishness…

This is fear and hype being put out and another attempt to ratchet up tensions. We are certainly at a low point, but only because fools have riled up crowds and told them they need to remove historical icons. Does anyone in your personal life want to remove anything? Not in mine. We want to go to work, come home, hang out with the family and enjoy our down time. Not cause chaos. Only fools and diversionary minded people want to do that for an agenda, to divide the nation and continue the course toward globalism.

You see, once the national heritage is wiped out, there is nothing left. This nation is already bankrupt, it will not take that much more work to push us all over the edge to accepting a truly globalist system.

Mika Brzezinski drew pushback from even “Morning Joe” co-host and beau Joe Scarborough on Friday when she said the country was at a “low point in American history,” possibly on par with the Civil War or Great Depression.

In the wake of discussion of President Donald Trump’s response to the Barcelona terrorist attack that included tweeting a myth about Gen. John Pershing’s handling of Islamic terrorists, the panel delved into Trump’s oft-repeated rhetoric that he could be the most “presidential” president since Abraham Lincloln.

“It seems that we’re at a low point in American history,” Brzezinski said, preparing to tease the next segment.”Well, the Civil War was probably a little worse,” Scarborough said, cutting over her. “That was bad.”

Source: Brzezinski: We’re at a ‘Low Point’ American History, Possibly as Bad as Civil War or Great Depression

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