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Pentagon Confirms 11,000 Troops Are In Afghanistan, 2.6K More Than Reported Before

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WEB Notes: 11,000 US troops and for what?

The Pentagon has admitted that the number of the US troops deployed in Afghanistan stands at 11,000. It is already significantly higher than the previously acknowledged figure, but may increase even further under President Donald Trump’s new Afghan strategy.

The troop levels, aimed at “more transparency,” were revealed at a joint news briefing by the Pentagon’s Chief Spokesperson and Joint Staff Director Wednesday.

The new numbers add 2,600 to the previously voiced figure of 8,400. They do not, however, represent a troop increase in line with US President Donald Trump’s recently announced new Afghanistan strategy.

Source: Pentagon confirms 11,000 troops are in Afghanistan, 2.6k more than reported before — RT America

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  1. We have been Afghanistan 16 years, in this article they say troops, well that doesn’t mean anything to me, are they combat, troops, Army, Air Force, Marines, this figure to me is nothing more than troop rotation which anybody that has been in the military would know, ya stay a year, you leave go somewhere else. no one actually knows how many troops there are in Afghanistan, Iraq or in Libya, do your self a favor go to google maps do a search, how many military bases in Afghanistan then Sataitellit take a good look at these bases, and yes they are older snap shots, then look at bases in the U.S , then tell me we only have 11.000, troops in Afghanistan. SOO many rich targets there, makes you wonder. There is always much more to a story than we are told.

  2. To guard them poppy fields!

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