WEB Notes: Do you see how psychology is used on people? What they do is bring up one issue, and then present a couple different sides to it and then see what you think about the issue cornering you into a preconceived outcome. This leaves out the rational to opt out of the situation to begin with. With respect to North Korea they bring the thought of war to your mind. The threat that you and your babies will be blown to smithereens is disturbing to you. This of course causes you to fear and out of that you want to protect yourself. Of course there is no real threat, the US has already said the possibility of a bent North Korean missile actually hitting the US is nearly 0%. Of course they would have to get their missile off the ground to begin with, but do not let the facts dissuade you. Psychology is used against the masses on every scale imaginable and I do mean on every scale.

The number of Americans who support sending U.S. ground forces to South Korea if dictator Kim Jong-un invades from the North jumped from 26 percent in 1990 to a staggering 62 percent, a new poll shows.

Meanwhile, the war of words between President Donald Trump and his North Korean counterpart continued to sink in on investors, with CNBC reporting that global markets and U.S. stock futures fell Thursday morning. The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all fell for two straight sessions, the first time in more than a month.

Breaking down polling information from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the stats group Statista said the while the clear majority of those polled supported troops to help South Korea repel an invasion, it said only 28 percent supported sending troops in to destroy the North’s nukes.

Source: Poll: Here’s What Americans Want Done About North Korea | Benzinga


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