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Theresa May Refuses To Rule Out Military And Cyberattacks On North Korea

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WEB Notes: You know, you would really have to have your head buried deep in the sand not question some of the sewage that comes out of these peoples mouths…

May says, North Korea needs to stop these “illegal activities”. So let me get this right. Launching a missile into the sea is illegal? Where does it say that? Launching one over Japan is certainly a problem.

But as always, we should worry about what is in our own eye before we investigate our neighbors eye (Matthew 7:3-5).

The US and the UK have literally killed millions of people in the middle east over the last 20 years. Illegally. There is no mandate for war, the US operates under the “Responsibility to Act” doctrine of George Soros who is nothing more than a front man for the true globalists behind the curtains.

All you have to do to avoid the blame is point at the other guy and say how horrible he is first. Everyone looks at the guy and if he opens his mouth to defend himself… Well, he is obviously lying.

This is psychology 101 people and it is used against the public everyday.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has condemned North Korea’s ballistic missile test over Japan and refused to rule out using cyber warfare, or even taking part in military action.

May arrived in Japan on Wednesday morning in the midst of an escalating crisis over Pyongyang’s latest missile launch and will have discussions with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe about what can be done.

“We will be redoubling our efforts with our international partners to put pressure on North Korea to stop these illegal activities,” May told reporters en route to Tokyo.

Source: Theresa May refuses to rule out military and cyberattacks on North Korea — RT UK

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