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Undocumented Dad Detained By Ice Since February Released, Reunites With Family

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WEB Notes: The title says, “undocumented” which is code for “illegal immigrant”. Let’s call it what it is. This man broke the law period. Yet, they play out the story and made it a real sad affair. Look, I get it. He is probably a good man, he probably loves his family very much and that is great. But he is illegal. You broke the law when you crossed the border. Thousands of people do it legally every year and this man should have too. Instead he chose to jump ahead everyone and do it illegally. Do not ask me to shed a tear over that. Right is right and wrong is wrong…

Remember what your Father’s Letter says,

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ” (Isaiah 5:20)

This also applies here. Do not try putting a guilt trip on the people. We all make our own bed and we must all sleep in it.

Outside a desert jail Wednesday evening, there were tears. Embraces.

Six months after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez while he took his daughters to school one February morning, he was a free man.

On Wednesday, an immigration judge ordered him to be released on $6,000 bond, bail was posted and he was released from the Adelanto Detention Center.

Source: Undocumented dad detained by ICE since February released, reunites with family

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  1. All a ploy of diguise! If no one does not know the real reason for illegal immigration is! Let alone multicultural integration into America is as a political agenda for election collusion! This bleeding heart liberalism that truly is a scam of fallacy that is destroying America by design to set us exactly where they want us! Powerless slaves!
    Stand and fight, or prepare for the outcome! Cause and effect! And the effect is imminent! What level, or transition is bestowed apon us is how much we surrender ourselves unto the Lord in recompence for our transgressions!

    II Chronicles 7:14 Open it up and read it!

    The day’s of the free will are tested! And the days of the Chosen are sealed! Let the Four Winds be released!? Maybe it already has!!?? God Speed, God Bless! Amen!

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