Confederate Statue Toppled In Durham, NC

Confederate Statue Toppled In Durham, NC | Credit: Daily Wire

WEB Notes:  What you will see in this video is the product of our nations education system. The product of our Father being removed from the nation by the people and a complete lack of respect for property. These are not the acts of red blooded Americans, but red blooded fools. Always steer clear of fools, much less a crowd full of them…

I tell you what. I have a hard time believing all of these people with megaphones blasting did not attract the attention of law enforcement on government property. Where are the police? I mean this is right in downtown square and no officers stopped this blatant destruction of public property? Yet, law enforcement will show up to bust your daughter for selling lemonade without a license.

We are loosing the heritage of our nation and the government is helping that along just as they did in New Orleans. This is not an accident or some new uprising. It is the next wave in the destruction of our nation.

A crowd of protesters in Durham, N.C., tied a cord to a Confederate statue and toppled it to the ground Monday night to loud cheers, a symbolic response to the violence at the rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va.

A man used a ladder to attach the cord to the statue — which officers had coated with cooking spray to make it tougher to climb, WRAL reported.

“No KKK! No fascists! USA!” many protesters chanted as the statue came down.

The monument, dedicated in 1924, showed a Confederate soldier with “The Confederate States of America” engraved on the front, WNCN added.

The protesters kicked and spat on the toppled statue before carrying it from the old Durham County Courthouse to a police station, according to reports.

Source: Confederate statue toppled in North Carolina during protest | Fox News





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