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Overnight, Without Warning, Baltimore Removes All Four Confederate Statues

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Baltimore Confederate Statue Removed

Baltimore Confederate Statue Removed | Credit: CNN

WEB Notes: Once again new benchmarks are being set. More Confederate Monuments have been removed and of course under the cover of darkness just like what took place in New Orleans earlier this year. You do know who operates in the darkness I hope (Ephesians 6:12)?…

If so many Americans were for the removal of the statues they would have been removed during the day and meet with applause, but that is not the case. “Officials” have to come up with secret meetings and pass secret resolutions in order to make it happen. Those involved should be ashamed of themselves.

You are allowing group think to drive your decisions. This was never an issue until this year, now suddenly it must be addressed. Just because a fool throws a urine filled ballon does not mean you need to erase our nations heritage.

The times we live in grow worse by the day.

Baltimore city crews took down confederate monuments across the city overnight.

All four — the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Mount Royal Avenue, the Confederate Women’s Monument on West University Parkway, the Roger B. Taney Monument on Mount Vernon Place and the Robert E. Lee and Thomas. J. “Stonewall” Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell — have been removed.

On Monday night, the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution calling for the immediate deconstruction of these monuments, days after a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that drew white nationalists and counter-protesters turned violent.

Source: Confederate Statues In Baltimore Taken Down Overnight « CBS Baltimore

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  1. This is no surprise at all. Baltimore is basically Chicago Jr. The politicians and police force have corruption among them. The illiteracy rate and murder rate is the highest it’s ever been.
    In the late 1860’s Maryland depended on both the North and South for its economy but the state was being pulled to join the South. However on September 11, 1861 Abraham Lincoln had his Secretary of War order the arrest of Maryland legislators who were openly pro-South. How is that for democracy? Those are the actions of a dictator. Maryland is my home state and we have a lot of rich history dating back pre-Revolutionary War, however this state now is simply an extension of DC and I absolutely have no love for Baltimore City. I would bet there was a memo sent out from the State Dept strongly urging the removal of these statues. Just a hunch.
    Interesting times indeed but we can cut it! A wise man once said, “Don’t let ’em see you sweat on your first cruise” 🙂

      • Thank you Linda, great article and very true. Never let a crisis go to waste and if you don’t have a crisis, whip up one. This country really doesn’t have a racism problem until the media and politicians tell us we do.

    • Wise indeed. I tell you what, if someone is sweating over the stuff taking place today they are not going to make it through the Tribulation. What we are seeing today is lies and deception of men. When the supernatural shows up… Game over for those not locked with Truth, those without lamps and vessels full of oil.

      None of this stuff should startle us. Eye opening and sad, sure. But God’s Word told us this is going to happen. That’s one of the reasons for this site, to document the end time events and help folks understand.

      On another note thanks for the history lesson!

      • Yes I agree. It is sad and frustrating to see all these lies and deception but when we know it is prophecy being fulfilled it just makes us hunker down and prepare. I could never understand how the Israelites could worship a golden calf while Moses was absent. Now I get it! The sheeple mentality.
        As you probably know, Lincoln wasn’t all lily white as we were taught in our Dept of Education history books. The war really should have been called The War of Northern Aggression, not Civil War. Facts don’t matter anymore because lies and deception rule the universe.
        Lastly, your hard work on this site is a game changer for many of us who study here. Thank you and I thank Our Father.

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