WEB Notes: “Deep State,” “WW3” such catchy buzzwords. What is the “deep state”? It is those who control the government, better said those who control the world and while few know it they are the children of Satan. World War 3 is not going to happen, period. The worst case we will ever have is getting very close to it. Remember, Satan’s kiddos need to live here as well. The goal is global government, so the globe needs to be in fair shape…

It should also be noted these YouTube videos were not taken down, the ad income has simply been removed from the video. This is affecting the left and right. So the videos were not censored, they are still on YouTube at no cost to the publisher. What is ones concern… Money or sharing truth…

If you get your news from mostly far left sources, chances are you’ve heard YouTube and Google are censoring or blacklisting left and progressive sites and content. Conversely, if you get your news from far right sources, chances are you’ve heard YouTube and Google are censoring their content as well. If you want to know which side is being truthful in trying to expose their censorship, it is both of them.

In the last week, we’ve witnessed a massive crackdown on alternative media — the likes of which are unprecedented. Quite literally overnight, YouTube issued a sweeping update and demonetized thousands of video in accounts across the political spectrum.

If you ask Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars.com, it’s because they are cracking down on pro-Trump pages. Pro-Trump personalities Diamond and Silk were also hit with the demonetization purge and they also claim it’s because YouTube is going after Trump supporters.

Source: YouTube Begins Purging Alternative Media as the Deep State Marches Toward WW3


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