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Date: September 1, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 22:6

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Sheriffs Along the U.S. Border Helping Build Biometric Police State

WEB Notes: When you live in the tech world you quickly realize how every invasive tool is sold to you as a bill of goods. Something that you must have and you are told how much it will help you and your organization. Some of it is true and some of it is not. Even the parts that are true, set us up for things like this…

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In New Shift, France Urges Syria Transition Without Assad

WEB Notes: The globalists are starting to sound like a broken record at this point. We have heard this statement many times over the last few years.

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Situation on Korean Peninsula on Brink of Large-Scale Conflict – Putin 

WEB Notes: Another news agency is reporting the US has deployed B-1Bs, F35s to Korea. We have posted an article or two in the past about these deployments as well. Is it just show or are they going to do it?..

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Rev. Graham: If SPLC Doesn’t Like Your Moral Views, You’re a ‘Hater’

WEB Notes: The title sums it up. Who gave the SPLC any authority? They are a no body, a nothing, they are lower than the dirt on the bottom of my shoe. They are only something if you make them something. Why are we even talking about them again? I am sure our Father is not proud of this foolish organization…

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N.C. Senator Tosses Trump A Conservative Life Raft For Dreamers

WEB Notes: When you are a politician these are the types of things you do to sneak around your promises. Ol Trump promised to remove all of the the illegals before he was elected. I think many of us knew that was a lie. Just like Trump removing the US from NATO and the UN. Now he loves those guys. You have to be wise enough to see through the lies.

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IAEA Doesn’t Check Iran Military Sites for Nukes Because There’s ‘No Reason To’

WEB Notes: Iran said their bases are off limits anyway. Of course they are going to say that, it is their military bases. Would the US allow the IAEA to inspect their bases? Of course not.

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Google Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Take Down ‘Hateful’ Article or Be Demonetized

WEB Notes: We need to think this one through just a bit. Google has a massive amount of influence in the online world. However, they did not force the website in question to take down anything. They told the website to either change the content OR remove ads from that page. The page in question was in violation of Google’s AdSense policy. The site in question could have stuck to their guns and removed the ads from that page, but they choose to remove the content instead…

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Six Million-Year-Old Human Footprint Discovered in Crete Raises Major Questions About Our Evolution

WEB Notes: The first photo is not that convincing, but the second and third set had a good shot. This would crush much of the evolutionist ideals, but I am sure they will keep on trucking anyway…

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Dog Almost Euthanised For Being ‘Too Energetic’ Is Saving Lives After Hurricane Harvey

WEB Notes: Nice story, dogs are great. To think they almost put him down.

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Trump Pledges One Million Dollars To Harvey Relief

WEB Notes: In other news, bankrupt Venezuela is donating $5 million.

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Judge Orders FBI To Make Details Of Clinton Email Probe Public

WEB Notes: Make them public and then what? I am not going to read them. Clinton is a waste of my time. Law enforcement needs to do their job already.

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