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Date: September 5, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Matthew 28:18-20

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Putin: Military Hysteria Over N. Korea May Lead To Planetary Catastrophe, Heavy Loss Of Life

Nuclear Catastrophe Explosion

WEB Notes: Putin is right. Nuclear war or any war for that matter is not the answer. We have come too far as a people and you can bet when our Father’s Kingdom reigns there will be no war…

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New Oregon Law Green Lights Gun Confiscation in “Emergencies”

WEB Notes: I do not know about you, but when there is an “emergency” that is when we all need a firearm the most. To protect us and our families from harm. The state stepping in and taking our arms is not going to help. They will never know about the criminals who have arms. So this is yet another law aimed at the law abiding citizen disguised as some sensible measure. Make a mental note. There are never any sensible gun confiscation laws. They are all meant to remove your right to bear arms.

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Church Leaders Protest ‘Attempt To Weaken Christian Presence’ In Jerusalem

WEB Notes: This sounds like a mess. Some properties were leased some are owned. Hopefully more information will come out about this one…

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As Robots Edge Into Workplace, Free Money Idea Takes Hold

WEB Notes: Who is going to pay for it? They still do not know, but who cares they say let’s press on with the idea! It sounds like we have far too many crazy people working in government. People who have never had a real job much less a business of their own. These guys probably never had to manage their own finances…

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Hurricane Irma Strengthens As Florida Governor Declares State Of Emergency

WEB Notes: Irma is now a category 5 hurricane with wind speeds of 175mph  according to USA Today.

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Amb. Nikki Haley: Iran Shows ‘True Colors’ By Providing Arms To Hamas

WEB Notes: All you have to do is be the first one to point the finger in today’s world and everyone will believe the guy you are pointing at is the bad guy. Forget the fact the US has supported terrorism for years and still does today.

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Trump Tweets: U.S. May Stop Trade With Countries Doing Business With N. Korea

WEB Notes: This is in fact a trade war, another form of war and very deadly when fully implemented. The affected nations economy is suddenly destroyed which leads to civil unrest and many other negative side effects. This obviously can cause the affected nation to launch military action against the nations who have imposed such an economic treaty against them. Great way to start a war.

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Trump Agrees To Lift Limits On South Korean Missile Payloads

WEB Notes: The US has more agreements with the nations of the world than one can keep up with. This displays how much control they have over the world. Of course this does not take into consideration they are by far the largest donor to the UN.

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