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Church Leaders Protest ‘Attempt To Weaken Christian Presence’ In Jerusalem

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WEB Notes: This sounds like a mess. Some properties were leased some are owned. Hopefully more information will come out about this one…

Israel has always been a tough place for Christianity in the modern age. There has always been a large effort to push Christians out of the Holy Land.

Heads of churches in Jerusalem on Monday criticized what they see as a breach of the status quo in the capital, claiming there is a “systematic attempt to undermine the integrity of the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and to weaken the Christian presence.”

In a joint statement the leaders said, “We now find ourselves united once again in condemning recent further encroachment on the status quo,” the churches said. “In such matters as this, the Heads of the Churches are resolute and united in our opposition to any action by any authority or group that undermines those laws, agreements, and regulations that have ordered our life for centuries.”

Source: Church leaders protest ‘attempt to weaken Christian presence’ in Jerusalem – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

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  1. And the churches worship these people… literally.

  2. We don’t hear of this from the news services here. I wonder why, could it be that they are afraid of loosing the financial and voter support of Christians here for god’s (small g) chosen people called the nation of Israel.

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