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U.S. Coalition Forces Bombarded Raqqa, Syria Every Eight Minutes in August

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WEB Notes: The United States dropped 5,775 bombs on one city in Syria during the month of August. That is war, there is no debating that. Yet, how many Americans know or even care that hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians are being killed, injured and losing their homes and livelihoods?…

It is really sad when you think about it. Yet, your President at the U.N. loved to tell you that Iran and North Korea are murderous regimes.

Really? Who is murdering who here?

Look folks, you are going to have to start using common sense if you want to make it through these end times. Why is it so difficult to see through the lies of men?

Because they are an American?

Because they stand in a position of power?

Because they mention God?

What did Christ, the ultimate power tell us about men? “Ye shall know them by their fruits,” (Matthew 7:16).

Do you understand what that means?

The fruits are symbolic of our works. So if our works are evil, then we are evil. If our works are righteous, then we are righteous.

It is not about the words that come out of our mouths. It is our actions.

The US-led coalition to fight Daesh rained 5,775 bombs, shells and missiles down on Raqqa in August in their effort to oust the group from Syria, Airwars reported Wednesday.

That averages to roughly one munition every eight minutes for 31 days straight – and on a country against which the US has never formally declared war. However, it’s no secret that US special forces and clandestine operatives aren’t exactly in Syria just to help pass out bottled water.

By comparison, the US Air Force dropped 503 munitions on Afghan soil during the same month, Air Force Central Command data showed, and the most munitions ever fired upon Mosul, Iraq, in the fight to win that city back from Daesh only reached 5,500 in any given month of the campaign.

Source: US Coalition Forces Bombarded Raqqa Every Eight Minutes in August – Sputnik International

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  1. And what actions would you propose Brandon? That those in control I have confronted have ears to hear, but do nothing, because they think I don’t know what I am talking about! It comes to most that they throw their hands in the air and put it into God’s hands! You can’t even vote for anyone who has not already been appointed as the running candidate! And all they do is propose lies, to aquire it and then do as they are instructed by their father! And you see it by their fruits! I’ll keep on keepin on…But it is like John crying out in the wilderness brother! Don’t get me wrong! When the 6th comes! It is full scale war!???

    • Actions? Follow God’s Word. Listen to what He said and take and apply the advise given in the Word to our lives. Many people listen to someone in a suite, because they are in a suite. That is fine, listen to them, but then watch their actions and if they are contrary to what they told you then mark them.

      Remember what James 2 tells us. Do not have respect of persons because they have a golden ring, fancy clothes or anything else. Do not give them a better seat in the house because they hold some authoritative position.

      These people have zero, I will repeat zero authority in God’s House. Am I judging? No, that is just a fact of life. You cannot support homosexuals and think God is going to bless you. Our Father has the authority and we need to remember that. These people can change and repeat and that is a beautiful thing, but as of this moment I am not seeing that. I am seeing people say what tickles the ear of the people, tickle the ear of the Christian. Where have we heard that before (2 Timothy 4:3)?

      My point here is trying to draw out the fact that men are going to lie, cheat and steal to make the children of Satan’s kingdom come to pass. We need to recognize that and not support it. Does our Father want that to come to pass? Of course, it is written in His Word. However, that does not mean you support liars, cheaters, stealers and murders. You let God’s Word come to pass and point out the hacks. Otherwise we will fall right for the deception being laid.

      P.S. By full scale war I assume you mean, full scale spiritual war. Thanks Todd!

      • Thanks Brandon! That was what I wanted to hear from you! So that others could also see a further insight of action toward those things that need to be done on our part in relation to the Word and the world we live in!
        Yes! A full scale spiritual war!
        In accordance with Ephesians 6:1-17. That’s what I’m saying bro!? Thanks again! And God Bless!

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