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Date: October 7, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 63:1

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Homosexual Coffee Shop Owner Insults Christ And Forcibly Ejects Christian Customers For Their Beliefs

WEB Notes: This topic should be on every mainstream media news channel right now. But in the hour we live, instead, filth and perversion are glorified.

This article explains several Christians were handing out pantalets in the community concerning the subject of homosexuality. They were not handing them out in the coffee shop.

However, the coffee shop owner who is homosexual found one of the pantalets and proceeded to verbally assault the Christians who were enjoying their coffee they paid for in his shop. The homosexual owner continues to swear and insult our Lord and Savior in the most disgusting manner…

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California Becomes First ‘Sanctuary State’ For Illegal Immigrants

WEB Notes: California is rotten and filled with worms. The original title closed with “undocumented migrants”. Can you believe that? Of course you can we live in the end times, the time when the world is flipped upside down…

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California Can Now Jail People For Misusing Gender Pronouns

WEB Notes: When the world goes crazy, it goes really crazy. Can you believe this? In the once great state of California you can now be slapped with a fine or prison sentence for not calling someone in a care facility by their homosexual reference or allowing them into there restroom of choice. Insanity.

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Canadian Doctors Help 2,000 Commit Suicide In A Year

Nearly 2,000 people with incurable diseases were helped to die by a doctor in the first year since Canada legalized medically-assisted suicide, according to a report published Friday.

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9/11 Gave Us the Police State With the “Patriot” Act, After Vegas Get Ready for “USA Liberty” Act

After 9/11, the United States government preyed on the fear felt by many Americans to justify the passage of the USA Patriot Act—a law that was supposed to prevent future terrorist attacks. Now, after the Las Vegas shooting, the government has another proposed law ready to go, and just as with the Patriot Act, it also infringes on Americans’ liberties, and does very little for their security.

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Welcome To Vegas: Billboards Ask For Tips On Gunman’s Motive

WEB Notes: No one can find a motive, how about that. Supposedly the shooter wrote a note, we all saw it on the table with a pen next to it. He could have just made it a social media post, but no the note is so much more nostalgic. So what did it say? Was it to “Dear Abby”?

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Police ‘Confident’ No One Else In Shooter’s Room Before Las Vegas Attack 

WEB Notes: While the under Sheriff does not think there were other shooters, the Sheriff does

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A Third Of Men Say They Would Have Sex With A Robot

WEB Notes: The world has lost its mind.

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Under Trump’s New Budget, If You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat: Republicans Are Kicking People Off Food Stamps

WEB Notes: You know how much money is going toward illegal immigrates and people that do not need these programs to begin with? Turn off the programs for illegals and the government will save billions and resolve the illegal immigration problem…

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The Fed Will Be A New Creature Soon, And No One Knows What It’ll Look Like

On Thursday, the Senate confirmed Randal Quarles, President Trump’s first Fed nominee, as a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. During his confirmation hearing, Quarles said it was time to roll back some of the regulations that were imposed on banks after they’d imploded and threatened to take down the global financial system. He will become the chief bank regulator at the Fed, filling the slot that Daniel Tarullo left behind when he resigned unexpectedly in April.

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Trump Admin Expands Exemptions for Religious Groups Opposed to Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate

WEB Notes: This is actually a big win for the Christian community. This should remind you of the Hobby Lobby case from 2013. It will be interesting how long this new rule will remain in effect…

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