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Date: October 13, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: Jeremiah 29:11

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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California Wildfires Become Deadliest In State History, 31 Lives Lost

After four days of terrorizing Wine Country and surrounding regions, the Northern California wildfires on Thursday became the deadliest in state history, with 31 confirmed fatalities and more expected.

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Collective Consciousness To Replace God?

WEB Notes: The “gods” will not be here in 100 years should the world keep on spinning. But our Father will always be here. These people really are in for a shock. They place their trust in scientists who tell them they evolved from slime, but they cannot quite figure out how the slime got there to begin with. Boy if you buy into that lie I have some ocean front property to sell you.

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Two Former Trans Men Explain ‘All the Lies’ Surrounding the Glorification of Transgenderism

Today’s culture has seen the denial of biology’s concept of sex and gender, with California going to the level of passing a law to punish caregivers who use incorrect pronouns. There are those who have suffered through hormone treatment, lied to in the name of access to what their doctors saw as “care.”

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British Couples Too Stressed To Sleep In The Same Bed, Study Finds

WEB Notes: Heck, in the old days men and woman did sleep in separate beds which I found crazy when I learned that as a child. Do I agree with it? No.

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More Americans Are Living Alone After Recession

WEB Notes: I do not know about their theory here. I would be more inclined to say this is due to society. Marriage is an after thought these days and the whole thing has been tarnished with homosexual marriage being sanctioned by the government.

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Wellbeing Enhanced More By Places Than Objects, Study Finds

WEB Notes: Objects are material possessions which are here today and gone tomorrow. Special places can certainly bring a calming and soothing feeling to your mind and body…

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Thousands Of Penguin Chicks Starve In Antarctica

WEB Notes: America! This is a call to action. A call to ditch your hybrid and fire back up your gas guzzling pick-um-up truck…

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Americans Will Head To Space Again Without A Russian Taxi

WEB Notes: The US still lacks a space program after Obama cancelled it. Why must the embarrassment continue…

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Turkish Military Crosses The Border Into Syria’s Idlib To Start Expeditionary Activities

Turkish military units have started expeditionary activities in Idlib, Syria, in line with the de-escalation zone deal that emerged from talks in Astana, Kazakhstan, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said in a statement Monday.

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Syrian Army Destroys ISIS Mortar Shell Plant in Deir ez-Zor Province

WEB Notes: The US did not know about this plant how? Despite a global network of satellites and drones, they could not find it? Sure. I believe that one!

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Trump To End Obamacare Subsidies That Help Low-Income Americans

WEB Notes: From Trump’s Tweet in this article it sounds like he broke the healthcare bill so they would have to fix it. This whole thing is a mess. Trump cannot seem to pass a new healthcare bill, so he wants to cause more harm and drama for people on the current heath-care plan which is a nightmare in of itself…

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