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Date: October 16, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 19:14

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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US Destroying Syrian Cities Liberated From ISIS To Obstruct Pro-Assad Forces

WEB Notes: Reports continue to come in that ISIS has instantly and miraculously collapsed. They now hold onto just 8% of Syria. Meanwhile, the US continues to bomb Syrian cities. This article makes it sound like that is some new news event, but we know this has been going on for years now.

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Israeli Jets ‘Hit Syrian Anti-Aircraft Battery’ After Alleged Attack – Idf

WEB Notes: How many times have we been told over the years that the Russians have provided Syria with sophisticated anti-air batteries? I do not believe I have ever heard of anyone of these ever knocking a plane out of the sky. We have heard the same reports with respect to Iran as well. If the Russians really sold Syria and Iran anything it was a bill of goods not received.

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AI Implants Will Allow Us To Control Our Homes With Our Thoughts Within 20 Years, Government Report Claims

WEB Notes: This goes far beyond controlling your home. They are talking about implantable machines that would help repair the body.  They had a comedy based on this concept back in the 80s called, “Innerspace”.

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‘Arsonists’ Are Blamed For Fires In Spain And Portugal

A man who drove through raging wildfires in Portugal says luck was on his side after he filmed himself escaping the deadly blazes ravaging the region.

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Fukushima Court Rules Tepco, Government Liable Over 2011 Disaster

WEB Notes: $4.4 million? Are we talking about the same disaster here…

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Tillerson on N. Korea: ‘Diplomatic Efforts Will Continue Until the First Bomb Drops’

WEB Notes: The government communicates via Twitter these days in case you do not know…

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Hollywood Homicide: 108 Automatic Weapons Blaze Away in Four Top Movies

Last week Stephen Paddock killed at least 59 Las Vegas concert-goers using automatic weapons. Reportedly aided by “bump stocks” that made his semi-automatic rifles into automatic weapons, his killing spree was the worst in U.S. history.

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Boys Who Identify as Girls Allowed to Wear Skirts, Be Addressed as ‘Zie’ at Surrey Boarding School

A boarding school in Surrey will let boys who question their identity wear skirts and sleep in girls’ boarding houses.

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