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Date: October 29, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 12:1

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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GOP Tax Bill Shrouded In Secrecy

WEB Notes: Trump just told us the other day how he wanted to be absolutely transparent and release all the JFK files. Now the tax bill is “shrouded in secrecy”. So ol Transparent Trump is not so transparent. All you are going to get from these people is lip service, plain and simple.

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George Washington’s Church To Tear Down Memorial Honoring First President

WEB Notes: I spent a little bit of time researching this and trying to find out what was so offensive in the plaque. Unless I am missing something this is not an attack on the Presidents of the past, but an attack on God…

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The New Religions Obsessed with A.I.

WEB Notes: What they are talking about here is not a religion, they are re-creating the definition of “religion” itself. Our technology cannot become God, we do not create God, He created us…

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Kent State University: Is Saying ‘You Need Jesus’ Hate Speech?

WEB Notes: Schools that promote and entertain this type of trash are not conducive to Christianity. Why should you spend your hard earned money to send your children to schools like this? All they are doing is working to tear down Christianity. “You Need Jesus” is hate speech in 2017. Sickening. Vote with your money people, you have the power. You just do not realize it.

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‘We Built, Are Building & Will Build Missiles’ – Iranian President Says Amid Row With Us

WEB Notes: Of course they are. What else would they be building barbie dolls? They are a sovereign nation and this is one of the things sovereign nations do.

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NATO General Threatens ‘Consequences’ for Turkey Buying Russian S-400

WEB Notes: You will always see fissures and cracks within the 6th kingdom that reigns today. Why? It is not consolidated, the children of Satan do not yet have full control of it. Not until the release of the Four Winds.

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War With North Korea Would Be A Bloodbath

WEB Notes: Give me a break already. The North Koreans army is obsolete, they have numbers though. If a war were to break out and the US used its full capability it would not last a day. Bombers would drop bombs and fighter jets would do the same and destroy anything that tried to get of the ground. Navel vessels would launch missiles and the whole thing would be over before you knew it…

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In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War

WEB Notes: None of this is really secret. We already know the powers that be founded and fund terrorist groups like ISIS. The only interesting detail is Qatar spilled some beans and that is most likely the reason we saw the spat with them and the Saudi’s a few months ago.

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Russia Continues Acquiring Gold, Concludes Major Oil And Gas Contracts In Asia

WEB Notes: I have been reading about Russia trying to “bury” the dollar for at least ten years now and it still has not happened. The only thing I see with mine own eyes is them constantly working together. Whether it be against “ISIS” or Syria.

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