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California Legally Recognizes Third Gender Option

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WEB Notes: Do you see how rapidly our world is being turned upside down? Unfortunately, the state of California always leads the way in our nation. There is no common sense or general thought here, only about their agenda. Where is the option for space alien or goat? If we are going to go crazy here, let’s go all the way.

For the first time in state history, California will legally recognize a third gender option for residents who do not identify as male or female next year.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the “Gender Recognition Act” on Sunday to make it easier for people to change gender on state identification and birth certificates, while establishing a “nonbinary” designation.

The law defines nonbinary as an “umbrella term for people with gender identities that fall somewhere outside of the traditional conceptions of strictly either female or male,” including but not limited to some transgender individuals and those born with intersex traits.

Source: Jerry Brown signs bill allowing third gender option | The Sacramento Bee

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  1. What’s next?
    California recognizes Jerry Brown as “illegally” insane. ?

    • he’s something alright….one of those the parable of the sower brings to mind as I would guess at one time he may have actually accepted Christ (claiming at one time Catholicism and possibly before full indoctrination in that, might have actually in purity accepted Christ anyway). But he sure is not on Christ’s path now, which means he is outside of reality. And outside reality is the definition of insanity.

  2. they truly lack wisdom, which comes from our Father. The head count is rapidly rising of those that oppose God—or is it strong delusion? It seems to beat all rational, almost in a supernatural way…or at least it seems that way to me. Sometimes we study scriptures and the action seems so fast, but then that speed is relative to each reader. So, one wonders how long the strong delusion that our Father sends (2 Thess 2) actually lasts, what are the signs of it (the “clues” so to speak), etc. If they believe this (third gender and other things), they will believe anything Satan serves up, including himself.

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