WEB Notes: This has everything to do with limiting free speech online. Regulating what can and what cannot be said. In another article they discuss how Google could be held accountable for what they post online. Their “posts” would be their search engine results from a search query…

They are concerned about keeping “young people safe,” but they expose them to the perversion of homosexuality and tell them it is okay. They tell our children it is okay to have an abortion without your parents knowing about it. The whole thing stinks. When the government or big corporations act like they care, then you know something is wrong, really wrong.

An NSPCC spokesperson said: “Keeping young people safe online is the biggest child protection issue of our generation. Social media companies are marking their own homework when it comes to keeping children safe, so a code of practice is definitely a step in the right direction but ‘how’ it is implemented will be crucial.”

At the UN last month Ms May joined with some other world leaders to pile pressure on to web giants to better deal with extremist content, challenging them to take it down in as little as an hour

Currently, it takes an average of 36 hours for such material to be removed – a figure cut from 30 days one year ago – so one to two hours would be a dramatic reduction.

Source: Facebook and Twitter could be hit by new tax as part of Government crackdown | The Independent


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