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JFK Files: CIA Plotted To Kill Castro, Stage Bombings In Miami

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WEB Notes: The whole release has been odd enough. Let’s put them out there, pull them back, release them, but not all of them. As I mentioned in a comment yesterday, “Anything that is released would seem highly suspect considering this case.”…

No matter what they release, this article alone is damning in the sense it documents the government planned to stage bombings in the United States. The United States planned to cause death and destruction in their own nation and blame it on another nation.

Does that ring a bell? Do you think this type of thing only happened back then in the “ol days”?

Common sense should tell you the “new days” are far more corrupt then the “ol days”. Take a look around at our world and see what is accepted by the people and politicians.

But never fear, Trump is here and he promises in time to release all of the files.

The CIA mulled mafia hits on Cuban President Fidel Castro. Someone called the FBI threatening to kill Lee Harvey Oswald a day before Oswald’s murder. And the US examined sabotaging airplane parts heading to Cuba.

These assertions are some of many unearthed in newly revealed government documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Following a deadline 25 years in the making, the National Archives on Thursday evening released a horde of JFK files. President Donald Trump blocked the release of some documents at least temporarily, citing national security concerns, leaving researchers, conspiracy theorists and interested onlookers 52 previously unreleased full documents and thousands in part to sift through.

Source: JFK Files: CIA Plotted To Kill Castro, Stage Bombings In Miami « CBS Miami

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  1. DID YOU KNOW? The term “conspiracy theorist” was a term made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about JFK assassination? In memo called “countering criticism of the Warren report”, the CIA set out to make the term “conspiracy theorist” a weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the government’s secret activities and programs.

    Isaiah 66:18 “For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see My glory.”

    Waiting for that day.
    Thanks, Brandon

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