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Date: November 1, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Bible Verse of the Day: Ephesians 1:18

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Terror In New York: Islamist Kills 8 And  Injures 15 In Vehicle Assault, He Did It For ISIS

Terror Attack In New York For ISIS Home Depot Truck

For ISIS: Terror Attack In New York With Home Depot Truck – Daily Mail

WEB Notes: You know, all the work this nation does to stop violence and “gun crime” and all it cost this guy to kill 8 and injury 15 was $19 dollars to rent a Home Depot truck. Maybe the government should ban trucks now?…

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Saudi Arabia Takes First Step Towards Nuclear Plant

WEB Notes: You just cannot make this stuff up. Edward McGinnis, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy said, “we work closely with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we work with them in areas of energy.” Of course the materials are going to be sourced from; “South Korea, China, France, Russia, Japan and the United States for its first two reactors.“…

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Iran Threatens Ballistic Missile Strikes on American Forces, Can Hit ‘All U.S. Bases’

WEB Notes: You notice how the media always comes out with these sensationalist headlines, but they never manage to actually show you video evidence? Maybe “the top Iranian military commander” actually said it who knows, but where is the proof? Besides, there was no threat, it was a statement. Meanwhile the US is constantly threatening Iran and sending military ships off their coast, not to mention their nation is surrounded by US forces.

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Global Thunder: US Kicks Off Major Exercise Days After Russian ICBM Drills

WEB Notes: Fear, hype and terror! Does anyone honestly think the US instantly decided to hold these war games? Of course not, it is an annual war game. Never get all worked up over this stuff, have you read God’s Word? Of course you have, so you know there will not be a World War 3.

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4 of the Bible’s Ten Commandments Are No Longer Deemed Important to Live by in Great Britain

WEB Notes:I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other God before me.” Remember that one? It is the first of the Ten Commandments. Only 20% of Britains actually think that commandment is still important. How did we get to this point?…

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Kentucky Judge Facing Ethics Charges for Recusing Self From Same-Sex Adoption Cases Resigns

WEB Notes: Remember when they told you homosexuals only wanted to be equal? I hope you were not one of the people who fell for that lie. Now the Christian is becoming the criminal. This judge and the Christian cake bakers are a great example. I bet many “Christians” actually think this is okay. “Well the Judge did not do his job so off he goes”. His job is to uphold the law of the land which is the Constitution. Instead government twists that law to fit their wicked ideals. Yes, wicked ideals. We are going to call it what it is. God said that type of behavior is wicked, take a look at the filth coming out from Hollywood, all of the rape and homosexual allegations and you tell me that is righteous.

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Disney Channel’s ‘Andi Mack’ Second Season Portrays Boy Coming Out as Homosexual

WEB Notes: Becky and I were just talking about stuff like this. There is obviously a huge agenda at play here, pushing homosexuality on the population including our children. This is nothing new, this is just a continued escalation. This escalation began with the Supreme Court “declaring” homosexual marriage legal. Have you ever wondered what Sodom and Gomorrah looked like? Take a look around.

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Transsexual Prisoner Awarded $167K After Being Refused Hormones

WEB Notes: Right when you think you have seen everything BAM they throw something new at you. How about that, a male prison inmate wins 167K a because he was refused hormones and also gets to be locked up in an all ladies prison. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. The world has gone beyond insane at this point. *What I could have done with those tax dollars.*

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Surprise! The Economy Is Beating Forecasts Again

WEB Notes: Homes prices reached new heights in August, consumer confidence hits its highest level since 2000. What is not to like? I mean everything is moving right along. What could go wrong? A lot can go wrong, nothing goes straight up, further nothing was fixed from the financial collapse, this is artificially inflated. Things will change, just relax and keep the popcorn coming.

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Black Death ‘Global Outbreak’ Warning For Nine New Countries

The latest outbreak, which took root in Madagascar, has now killed 124 people and infected around 1,300, but scientists say this figure will definitely rise.

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