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Date: November 4, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Regime-Change Rumblings? New CIA Release Suggests Iran Conspired With Osama Bin Laden

WEB Notes: This just cracks me up. They will bring this guy back from the dead as many times as necessary to fulfill an agenda. It just goes to show you, Osama was the best terrorist narrative they ever created. The US funded and supported this guy, you do realize that right?…

Now the secret files from the deep surface onnnee mooorree tiiimmmme to incriminate the blasted Iranians!

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Another Record Breaking Year for Opium Production in U.S. Occupied Afghanistan

WEB Notes: Now let us think about this for a moment. Afghanistan produces the most opium in the entire world despite the United States spending billions of dollars AND being in Afghanistan to fight against it. Now I do not know about you, but I think someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes…

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US Launches First Strike Against ISIS In Somalia

WEB Notes: They will come up with whatever reason is needed to justify a new war or “conflict”. ISIS is defeated, wait there alive, now they are defeated, wait now they are in Somalia.

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CNN Plans to Offer Subscriptions for Digital News Next Year

WEB Notes: Everyone is putting up paywalls. That means you have to pay to consume the content. Apparently ads on websites are no longer good enough. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds over the next several years.

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Science Is Ready To Make Men Pregnant, Fertility Experts Claims

WEB Notes: The world has literally lost its mind. We have definitely surpassed the days of Sodom. God made an example out of Sodom and Gomorrah for their wicked behavior, an example “unto those that after should live ungodly,” (2 Peter 2:6). These are all signs as to where we are Biblically on our Father’s timeline.

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School Teaches 11-Year-Olds About Transsexual Surgery

WEB Notes: This is not okay, the school can promise this will never happen again, but it never should of happened. The teacher should be fired on site, period. Watch the video from the source link provided below.

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Canadian Doctors Being ‘Increasingly’ Asked About Assisted Suicide For Children

WEB Notes: Do you see how they use baby steps? First, ‘hey its just for the adults I mean they are knocking on deaths door‘. Now it is going to be for the children, on and on it goes. Why? The government pays for healthcare…

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95,385,000: Record Number Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Falls to 62.7%

WEB Notes: There are more working age people out of the labor force now than during the Obama years. “GREAT AGAIN”??? Not quite, but they claim the unemployment rate is now at 4.1%. Can you see how they manipulate the numbers? The more working age people that are not working, the lower the unemployment rate goes. That is not how it works, but for them it does and no one questions it. If you want to be blind and deluded to the facts, then so be it. I once read somewhere that would happen (2 Corinthians 4:4, 2 Thessalonians 2:11).

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Sears Holdings to Close 63 More Stores


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Tesla Share Crash Amid Republican Bid To Kill Off Electric Car Tax Break

WEB Notes: Good. No company should receive a tax break like this. Do you realize Ford and GM have EPA regulations to comply with? If they do not bring their overall vehicle MPG to a certain rate in the next couple of years they will not be able to sell vehicles in this nation…

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The GOP’s Hidden 46% Tax Bracket

WEB Notes: Nothing I have read so far sounds like a tax cut. I just see taxes going up. Do not come crying to me about taxing the rich, they are already taxed to death and we just documented that the other day. If you bust your hump and made your money honestly there is nothing wrong with being “rich”. The government has no right to tax people at that rate, it is absolutely insane…

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Red Cross: $6 Million In Ebola Funds Went Missing From Fraud

WEB Notes: With respect to the wildfires that hit our area, we almost made a second post to cover the help the community received. I can only tell you what I saw in and around my area, maybe other things took place I am not aware of, but this is what I saw…

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