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Date: November 6, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Ephesians 1:9-10

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Saudi Arabia Blames Iran For Missile Launched From Yemen, Warns It Could Be Considered ‘Act Of War’

WEB Notes: Once again it is Iran’s fault for something that went wrong in the world. This really should let you know there is a coordinated effort to paint Iran in the colors of the enemy. God’s Word makes it clear, Iran will be involved with some of the final events of this age of flesh.

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26 Dead, 20 Injured In Massacre At Rural Texas Church In Worst Mass Shooting In State’s History

WEB Notes: First, our prayers go out to everyone effected by this latest tragedy to strike our nation. Another horrible event for our nation. At one time, these type of events were unimaginable, now they are common place…

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State’s Border Security Planes Fly Over San Antonio Neighborhoods

Two high-altitude surveillance planes the state bought for more than $15 million to help secure the Mexican border are regularly circling over San Antonio, according to records and interviews, but details about exactly what they’re doing are scarce.

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Homeless Explosion On West Coast Pushing Cities To Brink

WEB Notes: The cost of living is just too high in those large cities. It is expensive to live anywhere in the state of CA, but much worse in large cities. The people should look for other places to live if they are truly working as Mike mentioned. According to this website the average rent in San Fransisco which is an extreme example is $3684 a month.

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Millions of Leaked Files Shine Light on Where the Elite Hide Their Money

WEB Notes: We had a similar report a few years ago called, The Panama Papers. There is a lot of news in the last month or two of people being outed. We see it in Hollywood, we have seen it in countries in the middle east and once again we see it in the financial sector. This is either all one big coincidence or some people are being kicked out of the club. I could see “cleanup” happening as the children of Satan solidify their plans for the future.

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Processed Meats Or Cigarettes – Which Gives You Cancer More Quickly?

WEB Notes: I believe we posted an article about this a couple years ago. Regardless, this is a good reminder, I completely forgot about this. Pork is also extremely bad for you to consume.

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School Installs Cameras In High School Bathrooms; Parents Say Students’ Privacy Violated

WEB Notes: Except for a sicko, why would anyone want to install camera’s in a bathroom? They can blab on about safety all they want, this is not a good “standard” to start setting in our country.

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Girl Puts Up Lemonade Stand, Told To Pay For Business License

The city of Porterville is now apologizing to a 5-year-old girl after her family received a letter saying she needs a business license.

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