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Date: November 9, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 1:18

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Calls For Sanctions On Iran For Its ‘Support Of Terrorism’

WEB Notes: If you want to name an enemy all you have to do is say they support “terrorism” and the whole world buys into it. Just do not be one of those people with a short memory. Ol Trump called Qatar a “supporter of terrorism” and then sold them $12 billion worth of F-15 fighters. But who cares right? A public figure said they were terrorists and a terrorists they are, you are supposed to forget about the fighter jet sale, yes just erase that from your mind. There are shootings at country music festivals and churches to be focused on…

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British Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia Jump 500% As Coalition Seals Off Yemen Borders

WEB Notes: An obvious escalation. Just last month the US approved $15 billion sale of THAAD missiles to the Saudi’s as well. Even though ol Trump said the Saudi’s were behind 9/11. Back in 2016 the US approved the sale of tanks to the Saudi’s as well, $1.15B worth.  Trump also has plans for an “Arab NATO” and do not forget about the “Global Center For Combating Extremist Ideology” that Trump, the Saudi’s and several other middle east nations established to fight “terrorism“.

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Syrian Army & Allies Capture Last Major ISIS Held Town In Syria

WEB Notes: This appears to be a growing trend from what we are told by the mainstream media. Syria is finishing off ISIS we are told. We know ISIS is a creation of the US government and other globalized nations. I do not believe Syria who was defeated staved off anything. It seems more than likely ISIS was purposely scared back. It is all guess work…

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TSA Fails 80% Of Tests In Latest Undercover Operation At US Airports

WEB Notes: So the only thing they are really accomplishing is feeling you and your family up at the airport and making the entire process take longer. Yeah, America we sure have “freedom” don’t we? We won that “war on terror” that still rages today didn’t we?

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Border Patrol Losing Agents Faster Than It Can Hire Them

WEB Notes: With as many illegals as we allow into the nation they should hire illegals to be the new border patrol. I mean why not? It is “racist” to believe otherwise. They probably would have about the same effect. I think everyone knows I am kidding here. All of the agents are not leaving because they are happy with their jobs. We have all heard the interview with border patrol agents who are upset because they cannot properly do their job due to government policy.

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Congress Hears Ideas On Altering Clouds To Offset Climate Change

WEB Notes: What a bunch of wack jobs. It has been proven over and over again that man made climate change is a hoax. Remember the email leaks from years back? They manipulated the data. It is a farce, a huge scam, but the sheep are still asleep. Spraying anything into the sky means it will fall back down on us and our lands. Where we grow our food and the air we breath, whatever could go wrong?

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Deutsche Bank CEO Suggests Robots Could Replace Half Its Employees

WEB Notes: This is very true. The technology that is being unveiled is extremely impressive. Unfortunately, it means the advances have come so far more and more jobs will be replaced with machines. It will take people to design, build and maintain the machines, whatever form they happen to take. But it will not take as many people. We are seeing this trend all over the jobs sector.

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After Night of Drinking, F.B.I. Supervisor Wakes to Find a Woman Stole His Gun

WEB Notes: When you carry a firearm you are not permitted to consume alcohol for obvious reasons, it impairs your judgement, vision you name it. This FBI agent has the same rules, very bad move here.

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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos And Warren Buffett Are Wealthier Than Bottom Half Of US

WEB Notes: Can you believe that? They have more money than 160 million people combined. What is the point? They have so much money they could not spent it if they live for a few hundred years…

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California NAACP Denounces ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ as ‘Racist,’ ‘Anti-Black People’

WEB Notes: I am so sick and tired of hearing about racism. Racism, racism, racism. These people do not even know what racism is. It is 2017 people, we had a black President for Heavens sake. Find something else to complain about, apparently that is all you like to do.

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Two Men Who Identify As Women Elected To Government Offices As Days Grow Darker

WEB Notes: Dark days indeed. The only thing embraced in the public these days are things that go against the will of our Heavenly Father.

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