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Date: November 12, 2017

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Costa Rica

7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Iran-Iraq border region

Bible Verse of the Day: Colossians 1:9

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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New Mexico Ten Commandments Monument to Be Moved to Church After Being Declared ‘Unconstitutional’

WEB Notes: In 2017 God’s Word, His Law is considered “unconstitutional.” Anything that is righteous in this day and age is consider offensive. Why? It gets in the way of the perversion that is reigning supreme. Let me ask you a question…

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North Korea Accuses Trump Of ‘Begging’ For Nuclear War As Rare Us 3-Carrier Drills Get Underway

WEB Notes: You just remember whose ships are off whose coast. Remember that. It is always our ships off their coast, always. That is aggression, not acts of peace.

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EU Closes In On Google As It Prepares Second Antitrust Fine

WEB Notes: Remember a few years back when the US government tried to shut up the bloggers? Luckily that fizzled out, but I think we all knew that was not the end. Now they are going after Google, Facebook, etc and they are seeking to fine those social entities if they host any content that is against the mainstream narrative…

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ISIS Has Lost 90% Of Its Territory In Iraq And Syria. Where In The World Is Abu Bakr Baghdadi?

WEB Notes: All you ever get is a still shot and the same stale photo of these so called terrorist leaders. It is 2017 people, I can have a video call with someone across the pond for free in today’s day and age and we cannot at least get a fresh photo or a “status update” on this guy? Come on. Of course we know ISIS is a creation of the globalists, you just have to be willing to think for yourself.

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Putin, Trump Call On Global Community To Boost Humanitarian Support For Syria

WEB Notes: After spending years and billions of dollars in an effort to destroy Syria, ie: “fight terrorism” now they wish to help the people of Syria. If you have been a reader of our site for any length of time you have seen the photos and video of Syria’s decimated cities. It will take years and billions to repair and Syria’s Assad will not be a part of that picture from what we hear from the mouth of the globalists.

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