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Date: November 13, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 2:15-16

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Church Of England: Let Little Boys Wear Tiaras, Tutus and High Heals

Church of England - Boys Can Wear Tiaras

Church of England – Boys Can Wear Tiaras – Telegraph

WEB Notes: The “Church of England will now be known as the “Abomination of England“. This maybe a “church,” but it is a church of Sodom not of our Heavenly Father. The people have not lost some of their marbles, they have lost them all. How on earth can a so called preacher tell you this is okay and make rules for it? Obviously they are not preachers of Jehovah so whose preachers are they? That sort of narrows it down a bit does it not?…

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7.3M Earthquake On Iran-Iraq Border Kills Over 340

WEB Notes: It would appear even the earth feels the tension being created in the middle east at this point in time.

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Emerati Minister: ‘Iran Is A Greater Threat Than Al-Qaeda, ISIS’

WEB Notes: What I find extremely interesting is now that we are hearing ISIS is defeated or near defeated, immediately we are hearing of escalated tensions with Iran. Now we have quotes from middle east leaders as the title indicates that paint Iran in the colors of the enemy. We all know how Saudi Arabia feels about it. A new precedent is beginning to form that points toward conflict with Iran. In today’s world, calling one a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism is a globally supported reason for war. We live in interesting times!

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Tension Mounts In Lebanon As Saudi Arabia Escalates Power Struggle With Iran

WEB Notes: In years past when we heard about war with Iran, it always focused around the US and Iran. Today, we are seeing that expanded to the entire region, something I think many of us knew was needed to have a true conflict with Iran. “Buy in” was needed in order to make it real and acceptable to the world. It would appear that “buy in” is taking place right now…

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US Breaks Ground For New Permanent Base In Israel

WEB Notes: More US tax payer dollars going to another nation when we could be helping ourselves here at home.

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Army Now Accepting Recruits With History Of Serious Mental Illnesses

WEB Notes: Apparently they are as desperate as the Border Patrol and US Air Force for new recruits. These type of people certainly need help, but to be allowed in the US military is a major mistake. Everything on ever level is being flipped upside down. When you are fighting in war you need to know the guy next to you is going to be there, not flip out.

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Trump To Make ‘Major’ Announcement On North Korea, Trade Deals After Asia Trip

President Trump says he will make a “major” announcement on North Korea and the outcome of his week-long trade negotiations across East Asia when he returns to Washington later this week.

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Privacy Fears Over Artificial Intelligence As Crimestopper

WEB Notes: Apparently the laws we have to follow are different than those of our law enforcement agencies. In a store or other business, they must have a sign telling you that you are being recorded. Not in today’s law enforcement world.

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80 Million Year Old “Living Fossil,” Dinosaur-Era Shark Found Swimming Off Coast of Portugal

WEB Notes: Man has known about this creature for sometime. As you read the article you will note they have a fossil of this animal which is 80 million years old and it is an exact match of the creature alive today. Why do you think that is?…

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We’re Probably Entering A Bond Market Bubble. Here’s What To Do About It

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan recently told Bloomberg that we are entering a bond market bubble in the U.S., and all signs point to yes. In fact, I would add that what was once a safe, stable and predictable investment class is about to be turned on its head, as interest rates rise and values plummet.

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