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Date: November 15, 2017

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 119:143

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Financial Tyranny: ‘We the People’ Are the New Permanent Underclass in America

Source: Rutherford Institute

Americans can no longer afford to get sick and there’s a reason why.

That’s because a growing number of Americans are struggling to stretch their dollars far enough to pay their bills, get out of debt and ensure that if and when an illness arises, it doesn’t bankrupt them.

This is a reality that no amount of partisan political bickering can deny.

Many Americans can no longer afford health insurance, drug costs or hospital bills. They can’t afford to pay rising healthcare premiums, out-of-pocket deductibles and prescription drug bills.

They can’t afford to live, and now they can’t afford to get sick or die, either.

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U.S. To Fight Islamic State In Syria ‘As Long As They Want To Fight’: Mattis

WEB Notes: Well who would have thought any different? ISIS is “defeated” they say, but the US must carry on in Syria just in case. It will continue on until the globalists have accomplish their goal, the removal of Assad…

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Senate Prepares to Strike a Blow for Freedom

This week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated that the Republican tax reform bill that is moving through the Senate Finance Committee, where Sen. Hatch is now chairman, will include language repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate.

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UK: Half Of Over-65s Take At Least Five Drugs A Day 

WEB Notes: It would have been nice if they told us the change in life expectancy. It sort of snuck in on the last two paragraph of the article which we placed as the last two below. There is a reason we are on more meds these days. What changed? Our foods have changed and all the garbage they pump into our bodies known as vaccines. Do your own research.

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Household Debt Rises By $116 Billion As Credit-Card Delinquencies Pile Up

WEB Notes: Stay out of debt and if you have to take on debt, make it a very short venture. Paying interest is not how you get ahead in life, it is how you let the bankers get ahead in life.

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$15 Million in Taxpayer Money Has Been Paid Out to Settle Congressional Sexual Harassment Suits

WEB Notes: When we live without the law, people go insane, the flesh gets the best of them. This is why we are to live not only under our Father’s Law, but under the law of our nation as well. Why on earth are we paying tax payer money to settle sexual harassment suits? If there is a Congressman that is proved to have done something like this it needs to come out of his paycheck. If the harasser lied about the whole thing, criminal charges need to be filed against them. How on earth does the tax payer foot the bill? Insanity and no respect for the American citizens.

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US: Transgender Service Member Gets Gender Reassignment Surgery

WEB Notes: Welcome to the United States of Sin. I thought your President was going to fix that for you? Oh that will be next year right? I have a feeling next year will never come, in the sense of a delivered promise. Instead our tax dollars just went to pay for a man or woman to have their private parts mutilated and morphed into something else. Are you disturbed by reading that? You should be, it should make you sick to your stomach and do not be upset with me for spelling it out. Maybe if more people spelled it out, it might just sink into their head and we would all demand more from our so called elected officials.

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UK: Drag Queens Now Targeting Two-Year-Olds In Nurseries

WEB Notes: These are not the news headlines of a single nation. These type of news headlines are from around the entire world. It is not a concentrated escalation of perversion, it is a global escalation of perversion and all at once. That should help you understand exactly where we are on our Father’s Timeline.

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Australians Vote in Favor of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ in Nationwide Postal Survey

WEB Notes: Had the people voted against it, they still would work to legalize homosexual marriage. We saw that here in California, the people did not vote for it, but a year or two later the state passed their own bill. More and more nations continue to turn away from God and embrace sin. I have said many times, we continue to march toward the end times, I think we are starting to jog now.

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California Gunman Failed To Access Elementary School Classrooms In Shooting Spree, Authorities Say

WEB Notes: The people are becoming crazy, I mean that quite literally. What does it take to make someone do something like this? Our prayers are with all of those involved.

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