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Date: November 24, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

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Bible Verse of the Day: Colossians 3:15

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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No more ‘fighting ISIS?’ US to stay in Syria to prevent ‘win’ for Assad and Iran

WEB Notes: How many of you have been paying attention? We have said over and over again now that ISIS is supported by the US and what we have seen in Syria is a proxy war against Iran. What is outlined in this article proves this once again if you are paying attention…

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Saudi Arabia agrees to buy $7 billion in precision munitions from U.S. firms

WEB Notes: This $7 billion deal is a apart of a $110 billion deal!…

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Saudi Arabia arrests second richest man in kingdom

WEB Notes: After reading this article and a second one on the subject it was not clear why he was arrested. This leads me to believe there is a great purge taking place in the middle east, possibly a purge of those who would be sympathetic to Iran and lead revolts against any military move toward Iran…

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Moscow, Cairo Opposition Delegates Abruptly Quit Riyadh Meeting on Syria

WEB Notes: Russia will what? Support Saudi Arabia’s position to strengthen the “opposition” in Syria.

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Professor conducted back-alley herpes vaccine trial at Illinois hotels – report

WEB Notes: How is that for outstanding health care service?

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Black Friday mayhem begins as stores open their doors early

WEB Notes: I suppose I will never understand some people, same thing year after year all for a bunch of junk that will be forgot about in a couple months. To each their own.

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Facial recognition is tracking customers as they shop in stores, tech company says

WEB Notes: This goes way, way too far. If stores cannot figure out what people are after with all of the online ad campaigns and other things you would never believe then they will never figure it out. I am sure this technology will benefit them even more, however, as a people how much of this are we going to allow? I guess people just do not care anymore. I do not like my privacy to be invaded, I do not like being tracked everywhere I go. Why is that someone else’s business?

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Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

WEB Notes: Read the article for the breakdown, but if we use common sense and rational I can certainly see the single person in the self driving vehicle being sent off into a tree to save the school bus. At what point does this stop then? If two self driving cars were headed toward a head to head collision would the car be programmed to save the younger driver? How about the richer driver? Or maybe the driver who is in with the right political party… I think we can all see where this is going.

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Elon Musk says we only have 10% chance of making AI safe

WEB Notes: This is less about AI taking over and more about wickedness using this tech to promote their agenda. Do not live under a rock, think about where we are headed. If it were not for God’s plan the children of Satan would fulfill their own agenda and reduce the world’s population to 500,000,000 people.

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Homeless man spent his last $20 to keep her safe. She’s raised $250,000 to repay him

WEB Notes: This is a very good story, you do not hear about these type of things very often.

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