WEB Notes: I have been curious why we have received so many Bible Q&As and comments on the so called “flat earth”. Apparently there is a revival with this “theory”…

I find it fascinating how a group of people can be so mis-led and a lot of these people are Christians. God’s Word makes it clear, the earth is round. If that is not enough there are plenty of photos from space of the earth one can filter through.

In another article Tesla’s Elon Musk swaps Tweets with “The Flat Earth Society”.

The U.S. flat-Earth movement is booming, according to new data that shows more Americans scoured the internet for flat-Earth theories in the last 12 months than ever before.

The Economist tracked how often Americans searched for the words “flat Earth” through Google from 2013 to today. Beating even Kylie Jenner’s famous chemtrail theory, the numbers have been growing since mid-2014.

Since mid-2017, a string of news stories propelled the flat-Earth movement’s traffic into the digital stratosphere.

Source: Newsweek


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