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Flat Earth Movement: Controversial Conspiracy Theory Is Booming In The U.S.

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WEB Notes: I have been curious why we have received so many Bible Q&As and comments on the so called “flat earth”. Apparently there is a revival with this “theory”…

I find it fascinating how a group of people can be so mis-led and a lot of these people are Christians. God’s Word makes it clear, the earth is round. If that is not enough there are plenty of photos from space of the earth one can filter through.

In another article Tesla’s Elon Musk swaps Tweets with “The Flat Earth Society”.

The U.S. flat-Earth movement is booming, according to new data that shows more Americans scoured the internet for flat-Earth theories in the last 12 months than ever before.

The Economist tracked how often Americans searched for the words “flat Earth” through Google from 2013 to today. Beating even Kylie Jenner’s famous chemtrail theory, the numbers have been growing since mid-2014.

Since mid-2017, a string of news stories propelled the flat-Earth movement’s traffic into the digital stratosphere.

Source: Newsweek

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  1. Just for the record, I believe in a round Earth.

    • Hey Richard.
      I think you’re right…in a round about way ; )
      If anyone is interested, you can also do a Strong’s search on the word circuit as well…, however, I wouldn’t recommend trying to dig search straight down to China.
      All jokes aside, buy a telescope and look out at the planets. They are round spheres…and so is the earth. God is not the author of confusion.

  2. If you have a clear view of the horizon, it appears as though you would drop off at the end. But when you arrive there, you have the same distance in front of you again. I think it’s about 12 miles away. You can never reach the edge, because there isn’t one. And you can’t see beyond the horizon, because it curves down, the earth is a sphere.

    We have such high-powered telescopes that we would be able to see huge landmarks with them from much farther distances if we were on a flat plain. We would see Nepal/China’s Everest, highest mountain on Earth, not to mention our own Mt. McKinley from lower 48 USA (yes I know it’s been changed to Denali). Australians would see Ayers Rock from their coasts, etc.

    I’m really surprised that people are reverting back to this long-disproven belief. I would not waste any more time on this distraction. I understand it’s raining lies at this moment in History and the flood waters of the end times are rising fast, and it can be difficult to know what to believe. But this is a pretty easy one to discern imho (in my humble opinion).

  3. I am amazed anyone believes in a “flat” earth (just like I am amazed anyone still believes in geocentrism)–if the Earth was flat, then, mathematically (and God did create mathematics, right?), the Earth would (in terms of parallel lines anyway) be an INFINITE flat plane going on forever, right? Remember folks, two parallel lines NEVER meet! Now, if the Earth was flat NOT using parallel lines (like, say, a triangle–3 sides, or pentagon-5 sides) THEN there would be NO FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH that I believe are mentioned in the Bible (as well as the Book of Enoch) Since there ARE four corners of the earth (N, S, E, W) but are NOT in parallel configuration, THEN, ipso facto, the Earth is round. Period, end of story–and since I taught mathematics, I know what I am talking about, and so does the Bible!

    Of course one could form a non-parallel quadrilateral with four corners. But then how do you sail a ship from China in Asia to Nigeria in Africa, say, at the same time that one can travel by train from China to Europe through Russia (say)? So that if you can go through Russia (right above China) to Europe, who do you need to said from China to Africa WHICH IS RIGHT BELOW EUROPE? Now that supposes Europe/Africa is in the middle of the “flat” Earth. Now say you have to travel from China to the US, when China would be in the extreme east and the US in the extreme west on a “flat” Earth with Europe/Africa in the middle. If the Earth was “flat” it would mean traveling around Europe or Africa to get to the US. Interesting, what with Russia being right above China and, as Sarah Palin implied years ago, she could see Russia “from her house” (in Alaska), or at least one of the Diomede Islands of Russia from one of the Diomede Islands of the US! How is this possible if the Earth is “flat”?

    Finally, just how does one CIRCUMNAVIGATE the GLOBE if the Earth is “flat”? Or even travel the breath of Antarctica? Which has its ANTARCTIC CIRCLE! Or the Arctic with its ARCTIC CIRCLE? And has anyone defending “flat” Earth ever seen anything FALL OFF THE EDGE OF THE EARTH? And, oh yeah, didn’t MAGELLAN PROVE the Earth was round in 1500 something, and while he passed on, didn’t his sailors reach Spain again while they Circumnavigated the globe?

    Case Closed!

  4. truthseekerinda808

    November 30, 2017 at 11:17 AM

    I agree with you Ginger! All we see from NASA are CGI images. We have been deceived by the heliocentric model since birth. The globe has been shoved in our faces at every turn. You’d have to ask yourself.. why is that?? It’s all about the alien/ufo agenda!! The enemy does not want us to know our Creator God so they make us think we are just atoms floating in space. Many who have researched the flat earth have actually led them to the Bible… and soon found and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
    Examples: when we fly we fly on an AIRPLANE (plain) not an AirCurvature. (The curvature has not been proven either!) We look at the HorizonTal. Water do not bend or curve. SeaLevel. Take a tennis ball and soak it in water. Throw that ball up in the air and observe what happens. To think that gravity is holding our oceans against the globe … than why does the water fly off the tennis ball when thrown up if gravity is true? The Jesuits have been successful by deceiving the entire world. They want us to believe the earth orbits the sun because the sun is their “god” when in fact the Bible says the earth is immovable. The word “plain” is used in Scripture not globe. Even the TV shows & commercials have been telling us in plain sight that we live on a round, flat, immovable earth.
    Gen. 1:6 “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 7. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. 8. And God called the firmament Heaven And the evening and the morning were the second day. “

    Earth=Heart=CENTER. #FE=iron. I believe the Word over NASA. The words globe & oceans is not found in the Bible either.

    • It is not just NASA who has been to Space, but many other nations as well. There is no motive or agenda to say the earth is this or that shape.

      There are no space aliens and interestingly enough we cover this in Bible Q&A this week.

      You have offered no evidence for your belief here and that is the problem so many people have with all their beliefs. People get wrapped up into this or that belief because it is different. Yet they never document their belief, they never ground them self and look from both sides of the coin.

      Just think about satellite communication, how do you think that works? Apply common sense. Why are the constillations seasonal? Think how they move in the sky and consider our own seasons and how that works. There is no deception in that it is simply understanding nature as God created it.

      By the way, your tennis ball has a rotational spin, the tennis ball itself does not have gravitational forces within it. So the water travels away from the ball.

      • None of the other space agency have been anywhere, except low earth orbits, so cannot use any information from them. All the stars are shown revolving perfect circles
        around Polaris, the North Pole star situated atop the center of the earth. NASA
        and modern heliocentric astronomy contend star trails are an effect of the
        earth spinning on its axis causing the stars apparent movement. Geocentrists
        and ancient civilizations worldwide, however content the earth and is
        motionless and it is actually the movement of the star we are seeing. On flat
        earth hold compass flat and it points to magnetic north; on globe you’d have to
        cut through the earth to point to the magnetic north, this does not make sense?

        • Ginger, the word “orbit” means, “the curved path of a celestial object”. As in round, globe, etc ?

          From low earth orbit you can certainly see the curve of the earth and many nations have certainly taken part with their own satellites there.

          With respect to the stars, that would mean every star moves perfectly in sync with one another back and forth over and over throughout the entire universe. We know that is not true, we have all seen shooting stars. Certain planets/stars go this way and some go that way. We can see that.

          Magnetism documents how a compass works, it radiates out and up, look it up.

          Finally here is some homework. Lay on your back and look up at the night sky. Give it 30 minutes and you will notice some very slow moving “shooting stars”. Yet, they are not stars at all, rather they are satellites in space orbiting our planet. You can track these through websites and I included one below for the International Space Station (ISS).

          Thank you.

    • …I’ve wondered whether the concept of aliens (and possibly UFOs) is part of an agenda to prepare folk for the 10 iron kings and the fallen angels when they arrive on earth… unsealed folk may be quite deceived by their arrival potentially. Back to the actual topic: I believe in a round earth as my reading of His Word reveals a roundedness, plus I’ve seen and experienced the curvature of the earth whilst flying internationally for work and holidays… flying from one hemisphere to another on multistop flights cannot occur on a flat earth.

    • truthseekerinda808: Simply looking at an 1892 Gleason map shows us the flat earth. This map was taken from earlier 1597 maps. Newspaper article printed 8/1/2009: The head of NASA told scientists and engineers that he regrets giving out wrong information about the shape of the earth during his entire career in NASA. Charles Bolder said in closed-door meeting at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “Unfortunately, this is an issue which has become far more political than technical, and it wasn’t possible for me to have stayed out of it any longer.” “All I can really do is apologize to all you guys…I feel badly that I allowed this amount of controversy by hiding the true shape of earth, which is FLAT.”

      Just recently I learned about Auguste Piccard. He was a Swiss-Belgium
      physicist (1884-1962). He was the first man to reach the stratosphere in
      a specially designed balloon. His first voyage was in May 27, 1931. In
      August of that same year, Popular Science magazine interviewed him. He
      was the first man to view the earth from that height he reached of
      15,775 feet, approximately ten miles. He described what he saw and it is
      recorded in that issue of Popular Science. This is the exact quote from
      Piccard which has been omitted from our education system, if indeed
      anyone has heard of Piccard much at all. His description of planet earth on page 23
      is as follows. -“It seemed like a flat disk with upturned edge.” So we have a multi-generational lie handed to us. The Gleason map was my aaha moment to explain to me why one can board a plane take off go around to world going always west to return from the site one left. Isaiah 40:22 the Hebrew word for circle is Chug like a seal.

      Thinking about political Donald Trump also calls the earth flat from his years of flying. I tell everyone about the Bible 3 world ages and to research flat earth.

  5. Sorry I will laugh about it, because they take photos from outer space then paint it to look like a blue ball. It is an artist’s conception based on the globe theory. Robert Simmon had a job at Goddard explained how he painted it from low orbit photographs. He is now called “Mr Blue Marble” Now NASA is saying they can not go to the moon until a rocket called SOS is built to allow human travel to moon and other destination? Uhm didn’t the Untied States go to the moon? This was written in 2012 “NASA is still seeking to develop technology to safeguard humans for spaceflight into radiation-laden space within and beyond the Van Allen Radiation belts, and the protection provided by our magnetosphere.” “Until that technology is available, our exploits into space will continue to be well below the beginning of radiation belts so intense, Van Allen called them a SEA of DEADLY RADIATION. What we know from the effects of radiation on Earth teaches us that Apollo was nothing more than mere FANTASY.”

    So in effect what we have is a multi-generational delusion–the spinning ball mythos. We are not only have to deal with the evolution hypothesis, the big bang myth, now to shaking off the globe theory. How the destroyer wants to bring in confusion to make us believe we are insignificant dust spinning in space. Now, to tell the the three world ages, they go nuts.

    What does our Father’s Word say about it? We read in Isaiah 40:22 It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

    If it would be a globe ball, it would be Hebrew 1754 duwr gyrate or move in a circle, which can be read in Isaiah 22:18
    Thanks, Brandon

    • We will have to disagree on this one Ginger. The stars, planets and moon are all globes, we can see that with our own eyes. We have also seen numerous shots from space of the earth. We have seen low earth orbit, we posted a video recently of the guy jumping from the “edge” of space to the earth. It is clearly round.

      People have flown around the world, sailed around the world and air ballooned around it.

      Jump on an airline flight one of these days and you can see the curvature yourself. Go to the harbor and watch how the ships come over the horizon. There are many deceptions in the world I agree, but this is not one of them.

      • The planet and earth mappings (if not fake) could not be of a “flat” surface even if taken both sides and the width of the disk (the simi “flat” surface). They are spherical in shape, but not necessarily a perfect sphere. All those other wonderful physical laws our Father created, also play a roll in this. And so, even before we had good pics, I don’t see how our Father’s descriptions Ginger shares with us disagree with sphere or circular—–no width is implied. What will really be interesting is how things will look when we are not in this flesh shell.

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