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Netanyahu To Trump And Putin: Israel Will Continue Military Action In Syria

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WEB Notes: He put them on notice? I find that funny since the US and Russia did all the heavy lifting already. There is not much left standing in Syria so of course that is the time Bibi is going to send in his boys…

Bibi goes on to say he is protecting his country. When you attack another nation, that is not protecting your own nation when no action was taken against you. It is merely an excuse to help in the final assault on Syria.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday he has put the United States and Russia on notice that Israel will continue to take military action across the frontier in Syria, even as the two powers try to build up a ceasefire there.

“We are controlling our borders, we are protecting our country and we will continue to do so,” Netanyahu said in public remarks to members of his right-wing Likud party in parliament.

“I have also informed our friends, firstly in Washington and also our friends in Moscow, that Israelwill act in Syria, including in southern Syria, according to our understanding and according to our security needs. That is what is happening and that is what will keep happening.”

Source: Netanyahu to Trump and Putin: Israel will continue military action in Syria – Israel News –

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  1. If Israel starts war and attacks other nations that bad enough, the murder of the innocent.
    We, the US Taxpayer, should Not support or fund it. Last I checked it was 11 million a day, cash. Plus all the military advisors and support.
    May we become dual Israeli citizens? No, that’s a one way street of deception. The people knows but more importantly, God knows. Eternity is a very long time.
    Prayers for peace in the middle east.

  2. Man I hate that guy! When did he stop attacking Syria? Seems he has a big problem with BORDERS and the such ..he has NI respect for anyone’s BORDERS and just wants to expand his own thru murder or whatever it takes. This turd is truly a demonic entity…

    • Synagogue of Satan right in front of our face. Oh, there are many kind considerate people there, most actually The government, like most, has no regard for human beings.

      • Thank you for the comment George.

      • Sadly most innocent people all around the world ..voices are never heard. All we hear from is our war mongering greedy “leaders” and politicians..NONE of them care who gets killed as long as their insanity is satiated and they profit. The thing about Netanyahu is how so many of our so called religious figures and politicians think he is wonderful..this taints them 100%

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