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Date: December 5, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: John 10:7, 9-10

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Israel Once Again Fires Missiles At Syrian Military Base Near Damascus

WEB Notes: Flip the table here. Had Syria attacked Israel the US and most of the world would be outraged.

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Turkey Threatens To Ax Diplomatic Ties With Israel If US Recognizes Jerusalem As Capital

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would be a “red line” for Muslims. He also warned such a step would force Ankara to cut diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

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My Visit To Syria: Silence Is Not An Option

Source: Activist Post – As I traveled across Syria in early October, 2017, I came across a myriad of stories, sights, experiences, people, and emotions that I had hoped to convey to my audience when I returned home. Although I spent days talking to Syrians of all backgrounds, interviewing them, and photographing them, I soon realized that there would be no way of accurately depicting what I saw in country either in words or in photographs.

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New Claims That Saudi Arabia Aided Sept. 11 Terrorists

WEB Notes: The official 911 story says the attackers were of Saudi origin, yet the US invaded Afganistan. Go figure.

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Putin: Almost All Syrian Territory Freed, Including Historic Christian Regions

WEB Notes: Now those who left and comeback and rebuild which will take a lifetime.

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Mueller Subpoenas Trump Deutsche Bank Records

WEB Notes: Theater and more theater. These guys should have been able to figure all of this out by now. Diversion and distractions.

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Feds Issue 4,000 Orders To Seize Guns After Failed Background Checks

WEB Notes: The government giveth, the government taketh away. I think that is a line from God’s Word (Job 1:21)…

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Why Not Lower Taxes Through LESS Government?

WEB Notes: Remember when that used to be the “Republican” moto? Less government?… Yeah I cannot remember either, but it was at one point in time. Yet, we never hear that anymore. Instead we hear that we need to expand the government from both parties and war, well in today’s world war never ends which means more money is required in order to expand the globalist empire, I mean retain the sovereignty of the nations and fight against terrorism.

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CBO: Trump Military Buildup Would Cost Taxpayers An Extra $683 Billion

WEB Notes: I am sure it will all come from the “tax reduction” bill.

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Get Ready to Work Longer Before You Can Retire, OECD Says

Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement Of Trump Travel Ban

WEB Notes: I do not know what form of government we have today, but it certainly is not what the founders intended.

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