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Date: December 14, 2017

ISIS Threatens U.S. Attacks Over Jerusalem Decision

WEB Notes: Who saw this coming? I mean really? This sounds like a line out of a B-rated movie. “Just you wait,” perfect.

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Iran Vows to Support Hamas ‘Resistance’ Against Israel

According to a report by the Times of Israel published Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last week spoke on the phone with Hamas and the two discussed the US announcement.

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Have A Cell Phone Against Your Ear? You Should Consider Putting It Down

Put your cellphone down – and keep it away from your pillow, the California Department of Public Health is advising.

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Federal Reserve Raises Rates Again Due To Strong Economy

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised interest rates one notch higher as the U.S. economy continues to get healthier.

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Disney To Buy 21St Century Fox Assets For $52.4 Billion In Stock

WEB Notes: A continued consolidation of companies into the hands and control of the few.

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California Considers Placing A Mileage Tax On Drivers

WEB Notes: The article goes on to say how electric and hybrid vehicle owners pay less in taxes than someone with an older vehicle and it is “not fair”. Years ago, the California government changed the rules for owners of these fuel efficient vehicles to get them on the road and now that they are they want to “level the field”. Government will always do that unfortunately.

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