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Date: December 21, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

PRK Surgery and Site Update Schedule

First, Merry Christmas and thank you so much for the warm prayers and wishes in the emails and comments we have received.

Recovery from PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is going great! With PRK there is a much longer recovery process than with LASIK and each procedure has its positives and negatives. But if you were “blind as a bat” like me, PRK is your best (only) option (aside from glasses and contacts). Recovery will take weeks to months before my vision is 100% stabilized. However, that will not stop site updates as my vision is very good already.

Speaking of site updates, we plan to resume site updates tomorrow (December 22nd) though we will not post each and everyday. We plan to get back into a regular posting cycle after the first of the year…

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Pentagon Confirms U.S. Ground Operations In Yemen

WEB Notes: Now the US moves to Yemen to combat, wait for it… ISIS! ISIS has miraculously doubled in size in Yemen, meanwhile ISIS has dried up in destroyed Syria. Does that surprise anyone of our readers? I do not think so.

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Saudi ‘Intercepts Yemen Rebel Missile Over Riyadh’

WEB Notes: The sole point of this report is to continue to drill into your head that Iran is the bad guy, Iran is the guy funding these rebels. We learned about that last week.

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US Government Admits To UFO Program, Recovered Materials From Unidentified Flying Object It ‘Does Not Recognise’

WEB Notes: I walk away from the desk for a few days and the world goes banana’s. What else is new? Most of the mainstream media was talking about this subject which begs the question, why and why now? Everything happens for a reason…

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ISIS Claims It Has Hacked The US Army And State Department

WEB Notes: I feel like discussing this is truly a waste of breath. ISIS is a mercenary group founded and funded by the globalists. The fact they still exist and are able to post online proves someone is… ?

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White House, GOP Celebrate Passing Sweeping Tax Bill

WEB Notes: Trump: “It’s always a lot of fun when you win.”

Did you win, or did the American people win? Soon enough we will know. In other news as a part of this spending bill Congress opened up ANWR for oil drilling which is a good move.

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Single-Family Housing Starts, Permits Hit 10-Year High

WEB Notes: This is good news for the housing market and anyone in a position to sell. It is certainly a sellers market at this point and depending on your region, prices are at or past record highs. That will not last forever, at some point prices will need to comeback down. People looking to get into the market will simply be unable to with the continuation of current pricing.

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Subprime Auto Defaults Are Soaring, and PE Firms Have No Way Out

WEB Notes:Subprime” loans. That would be loans to risky individuals so this is certainly not a surprise considering the rates and how much vehicles cost today. If people in your public environment (work, etc) are willing to share you would be surprised to hear people’s car payments. From some of the numbers I have heard they range from $400-650 a month.

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House Republicans Quietly Investigate Perceived Corruption At DOJ, FBI

WEB Notes: “Secretly” and “perceived”. Now those sound like transparent actions and conditions.

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U.S. Life Expectancy Falls For Second Straight Year As Drug Overdoses Soar

WEB Notes: This article tee’s off the last one. Life expectancy continues to go down in the United States all the while vaccines are pushed on us and food that contains more chemicals than natural food…

I challenge anyone reading this to stop eating so much processed food, cut all fast food out of your diet for 3-6 months. Then go back and eat some fast food and see how horrible it makes you feel.

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The FDA’s Proposed Crackdown on Homeopathy Takes Aim at Risky Remedies

WEB Notes: What they call “risky” may not be so risky. Homeopathy can often be a good cure rather than relying on manufactured drugs. I found another article interesting that pointed out…

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Woman Has Baby Born From Record Breaking 24-Year-Old Embryo

WEB Notes: Technology is escalating to a point where many thought it would not be possible. I am not sure what the purpose of this is other than at some level to freeze a whole person and unfreeze them alive at a future point in time. They froze a man quite a few years ago and we posted about that in the past, for now he is still on ice…

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