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Date: December 26, 2017

Saudi Arabia Will Go Nuclear to Counter Iran Threat, Wants to Enrich Uranium

WEB Notes: Not only will Saudi Arabia build a nuclear plant, but the United States will help them to accomplish that goal. It is perfectly acceptable for Saudi Arabia to build a plant as they are already a part of the current Global Order that we discussed in Chapter 2 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

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North Korea Says New U.N. Sanctions An Act Of War

WEB Notes: Global Powers are really turning up the heat on North Korea. Economic sanctions of this magnitude are in fact an act of war. If we see North Korea strike out at this point it may very well be due to desperation…

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U.S. Takes Credit for $285 Million U.N. Budget Cut

WEB Notes: Keep reading. While the United States is reducing some funds from the United Nations what else was a part of the negotiations that we are not being told about?…

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U.N. Jerusalem Vote: General Assembly Rules Against U.S., Declaring Recognition Of Israel Capital ‘Null And Void’

Putin: Russia to Continue Fight Against Terror, Including in Syria, if Necessary

WEB Notes: No matter what they say, no one is leaving Syria. Russia has a couple military bases and the United States has already said they are leaving troops stationed in Syria, even though everyone says ISIS is defeated in Syria.

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Russia’s Putin Calls For Web Activities Of Some Firms To Be Monitored

WEB Notes: Online freedom will continue to be removed just as many other freedoms are removed from the people. When we really think about it, we ourselves through our acceptance of government policy remove our own freedoms and do not think much about it.

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Number Of Adults With Roommates At Highest Level In Decades, Study Finds

WEB Notes: The cost of everything just continues to go up and housing is one of them. Wages never seem to go up unless you really work hard to move yourself ahead, which often means more hours working and less time with family and friends.

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China Hands Down Harshest Sentence Yet In Crackdown On Activists

WEB Notes: The guy spoke out against the government and they do not like it. Since they make up the rules, off to jail he goes. This goes hand in hand with the crack down on free speech we saw this year online. I am talking about censorship by large social media companies.

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Navy Grants Fitness Amnesty To 48,000 Sailors Who Failed Test

WEB Notes: Perfect, the US now rewards failures. Instead of stepping up standards we lower the bar, that has never been a good idea. This is a good indication of how slothful we have become as a people. Put the dang TV remote down and go outside already.

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Are Your Christmas Presents ‘Spying’ On You?

WEB Notes: Nothing new here, we have been discussing technologies invasion of our privacy for years and documenting it through articles. At some point you have to decide how far you want to go with all of this. How much of it do you want and then how much of it do you need in your life…

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Hot U.S. New Homes Market Sees Biggest Jump In 25 Years

WEB Notes: It is certainly a sellers market, especially along the West Coast. The prices will not sustain themselves forever.

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U.S. Consumer Spending Tops Forecasts as Inflation Accelerates

U.S. consumer spending rose more than forecast in November and the Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation gauge advanced to an eight-month high, signs of economic vitality that should keep the central bank on track to raise interest rates gradually in 2018.

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