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Date: December 27, 2017

Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya: Open Letter to the American People

People of the United States:

For the past century, the owners of the fruit companies called our country “Banana Republic” and characterized our politicians as “cheaper than a mule” (as in the infamous Rolston letter).

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Russia Plans National Biometric Database Starting Next Year

WEB Notes: Everyone is doing it, facial recognition has gone mainstream and people will be okay with it. People have been posting pictures of themselves online for years, this will be consider no different. The bank is simply “offering them a service” and for the “security” of the people needs; face and voice samples to ensure your identity is not stolen. See how good that sounds? Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

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Less Than 1,000 ISIS Fighters Remain In Iraq And Syria, Coalition Says

WEB Notes: As quickly as ISIS appeared is as quick as they are disappearing. We have heard numerous world leaders tell us ISIS has been defeated in Syria and the war there is over. This is a continuing trend and indicates Global Powers are gearing up for the next stage.

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US Lets Militants Train, Mount Attacks From Its Syrian Bases – Chief Of Russian General Staff

WEB Notes: Of course they do, they are training terrorist proxies.

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Hamas: Iran Has Pledged ‘All Capabilities’ To Help Us Fight Israel

WEB Notes: Iran is no fool. They are not going to engage in a conflict unless they have no other choice. People need to start thinking for themselves here. It is not Iran who shows aggression, but the United States. Iran has never had a ship off our coast or drone in our skies. Yet the United States has done this to Iran constantly and we are told, Iran is the aggressor.

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U.S. Department Store Stocks Jump On Holiday Spending Record

WEB Notes: America you shopped and shopped until your feet fell off. You should be so proud of all that credit card debt you racked up. Mastercard is excited about it, they said Americans spent the most in history during this time of year…

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World’s Wealthiest Became $1 Trillion Richer in 2017

WEB Notes: There are a ton of people who have become a lot poorer as well. As the ol adage goes, it takes money to make money.

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Mexico Murders Hit Record High, Dealing Blow To President

Mexico has this year registered its highest murder total since modern records began, according to official data, dealing a fresh blow to President Enrique Pena Nieto’s pledge to get gang violence under control with presidential elections due in 2018.

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