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Date: December 28, 2017

Tillerson Says US Needs to Work With Russia on Syria But Assad Must Go

WEB Notes: The agenda to remove Assad has not changed one bit, no matter what you may be told. The entire reason for the war was to remove Assad. Now his nation has been destroyed. I am sure the globalists are surprised he has lasted this long.

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Homelessness In Downtown LA Exposed In Dashcam Footage

WEB Notes: In the first few minutes of the video the guy is driving around LA and you can see for yourself how bad it really is there.

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Baltimore Has Now Had 343 Homicides In 2017, Sets Record For Killings Per Capita

With two fatal shootings Tuesday night, the recent reclassification of a decades-old shooting as a killing and another homicide Wednesday evening, Baltimore has hit 343 homicides in 2017, and a new record for killings per capita.

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Trump Sends Fewer Mexicans Home Despite Deportation Talk

WEB Notes: Trump just might be best defined as the “Talker in Chief”. He sure says a lot and much of it sounds good, yet the truly good things just never seem to materialize. People are easily impressed however, if he says we will deport them, then by gosh that is what the American people are going to believe. To heck with the truth.

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New Tax Bill Is Not Gift For Holidays

1913 Americans Kept Their Money

1913 Americans Kept Their Money

WEB Notes: When we talk about “Making America Great Again” I think of removing the Federal Income tax that has not always keep in place. Not until 1913 when the Federal Reserve was founded.

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