WEB Notes: I walk away from the desk for a few days and the world goes banana’s. What else is new? Most of the mainstream media was talking about this subject which begs the question, why and why now? Everything happens for a reason…

Personally, I do not believe in UFOs and we have talked about this in the past (Bible Q&As linked below). I do not believe in alien life to be clear. What we call UFOs today could be another nations aircraft or some other explainable phenomenon. However, it is certainly possible these are some of the Heavenly aircraft we have discussed and documented from God’s Word. In Ezekiel 1 you can read about it and again, follow the links below.

We know our Father’s technology is far superior to ours and we know an aircraft is mentioned in Ezekiel 1. However, I do not believe for a moment one of these aircraft “crash landed” and somehow the US was able to acquire some of the metal. There is a much larger agenda at work here. Is it preparation for Satan’s appearance in the future?

It could very well be. Satan and his angels will make a grand appearance on earth claiming to be our Father and he could arrive on the aircraft described in Ezekiel 1. For now, we will have to wonder, but this is amazing news and again, makes one wonder why, why now?

There have been no reports as to where the “metal material” came from which I find interesting.

The Pentagon has reportedly recovered metal alloys from unidentified flying objects that scientists “do not recognise”.

Materials, which are alleged to have “amazing properties”, are being stored in modified buildings in Las Vegas, the New York Times reports.

The US Department of Defence (DoD) has admitted to a secret $22m (£15m) programme, which ran between 2007 and 2012, that was tasked with investigating reports of UFOs.

“They have some material from these objects that is being studied, so that scientists can try to figure out what accounts for their amazing properties,” Ralf Blumenthal, one of the authors of the New York Times report, told MSNBC.

Mr Blumenthal said the DoD “do not know” what the materials are made of.

“It’s some sort of compound they do not recognise,” he added.

Source: US government recovered materials from unidentified flying object it ‘does not recognise’ | The Independent


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