Old City Jerusalem, Israel - Dome of the Rock

Old City Jerusalem, Israel – Dome of the Rock – Wikipedia

WEB Notes: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said it would lead to a “complete destruction of the peace process.” We know there will be no true peace and it seems more than likely any move of the Israeli capital would cause more violence and trouble in the region. Remember, the existing global structure must fail to bring about the fulfillment of the sixth kingdom and a truly global order (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

An interesting note, Luke. 21:20-21 explains Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies just before the appearance of Satan who will claim to be the Savior. We discuss this in Chapter 4 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

The Palestinian Authority and the Arab League have warned the US against recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli capital, saying it would increase instability and put an end to the peace process. Armed group Hamas threatened more violence in the city.

“The world will pay the price” for any change in the status of Jerusalem, Mahmoud Habash, one of the top advisors to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said Saturday. Habash, who was speaking in the presence of Abbas, added that the recognition of the city as the Israeli capital will lead to “complete destruction of the peace process,” as cited by Ynet News.

Source: US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital will destroy peace process – Palestine & Arab League — RT World News


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